3 Essential Safety Tips for a Tourist Traveling to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a rather safe city for a tourist and Argentina as a whole is one of the safest countries in Latin America. However, you should never forget that a big city popular with tourists is never risk-free. You need to keep your wits about you and take all the basic precautions to make your trip to Buenos Aires safe and enjoyable.

How to Stay Safe in Buenos Aires When You Are a Tourist: 3 Tips

  • Carry cash but not too much of it

One issue that a modern tourist will have in Buenos Aires is trying to adjust to not using their cards. Neither debit nor credit cards will help you in the majority of shops and cafes in the country. Many businesses do not accept them by default and those that do, still encourage customers to use cash. You might even get a discount for this.

ATMs are rather rare and rates in them are very unfriendly, so it’s best to avoid them altogether. This means that stocking up on cash for the trip is the best way to go.

However, as pickpockets and muggers are ever-present at any tourist hotspot, you should only carry the bare minimum of cash when you go out. The safest way to go is to rent a room with a safe or use a portable safe of your own, and only take enough cash to last you half a day.

  • Deal only with reputed businesses

No matter how adventurous you are, if you want to stay safe as a tourist in Buenos Aires, you should use the services of various businesses that help tourists. They can help you get accommodation, join tours, visit attractions, etc.

It’s essential to only deal with reputed businesses that can prove their reliability. Travel agency frauds are very common, warns the Forbes. Therefore, you should always run a background check of the business. When you do this, consider not only testimonials but also solid facts. Strawberry Tours for example is an organization that runs tours in Buenos Aires and you can read testimonials by many people who enjoyed them. However, you can also immediately see that this organization spans the globe and successfully runs the same business at many other countries. This is the kind of facts, which prove that a travel business can be trusted.

  • Remove the temptations

Expensive jewelry, a top-model smartphone, or an expensive camera are all tempting the unsavory characters who are willing to commit a crime. Therefore, as a tourist, you should never flaunt these and other expensive items.

Of course, you can use them when the circumstances call for it. However, take precautions that fit the situation. For example, if you want to wear precious jewelry to a fancy dinner, take a registered cab to and from the venue. Don’t flash your expensive gadgets for no reason. And make sure that they are secured to your body when not in use.

Stocking up on anti-theft bags, backpacks, and everything else you can find with built-in protections is a wise precaution for a tourist who wants to stay safe in Buenos Aires or any other place on the planet.