24 Elegant Living Rooms With Clean Lines For Absolute Enjoyment

Got bored with the look of your living room? It’s time for change! Surely each home needs a living room with couch, coffee table, lamps and some furniture pieces that are essential elements. Sometimes those elements are enough to create a beautiful and modern living room, if you choose smart and decorate smart. Sometimes along with those elements it is necessary to add some other eye catching details to boost the whole impression, or to install some large floor to ceiling windows with a great view. Usually a living room holds an important role as a place where someone can gather with his family or friends. The theme, furniture and even wall paint must be synchronized well in order to make you feel at home, not be tempted to go cinemas or spend money on high restaurant. In the such modern and warm living room, you can enjoy with your family and friends and surely do whatever you want together. There are so many options for decorating your living room in a modern way. If you don’t have a idea consult some experts. Or you can transform your living room with inspiration from this set of 24 elegant living rooms with clean lines for absolute enjoyment.

  • This ultramodern living room uses its clean lines to produce an overwhelming feeling that’s simply relaxing and enjoyable.
Photo via www.evermotion.org


  • In this living room the white is predominant, and the couch that is beige brings some small but significant change in this white environment.
Photo via www.architectors.net


  • With sun light from several angles, this living room is an ideal space for the morning coffee.
Photo via www.bestinteriordesigners.eu


  • Enjoyable space with elegant furnishing in white and beige tones as a contrast. These two large round chandeliers make a remarkable detail in this whole story.
Photo via www.localappad.com


  • One interesting and eye catching living room design. The moment that will grab your attention is the wall surrounding the two doors that lead out on the terrace that is mirrored from floor to ceiling and has some interesting tree branches motives.
Photo via www.homedsgn.com


  • This living room is simple but modern. The large painting on the wall, the unusual and ultramodern chandelier design, and the red accents make this living room a sweet and enchanting place for family enjoyment.
Photo via www.home-designing.com


  • The white is once again in the focus, but the brown tones bring character into this living room. The painting is another beautiful detail.
Photo via www.interiordesigninhome.com


Photo via www.allisonburke-interiordesign.tumblr.com


  • Grey, white combination and tree branch painting make an amazing and welcoming living room.
Photo via www.evermotion.org


  • Another amazing white, grey combination with huge floor to ceiling windows for enjoying the day and night views.
Photo via www.decorationforlife.com


  • Elegant yet modern living room with few but significant and well chosen furniture pieces and details.
Photo via www.shockblast.net


Photo via www.home-designing.com
  • The aquarium is in the focus of this living room, but also the stone walls and the white furniture with brown touches are responsible for the warm and enjoyable atmosphere in this living room.
Photo via www.designrulz.com


  • Another prove that less is sometimes more!
Photo via www.interiorpik.com


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  • The beautiful view is characteristic, but the ceiling that opens up to the heaven is predominant in this living room. The other elements are simply details.
Photo via www.tekooh.com


  • This is a wow feeling living room, at the same time ultramodern, elegant and perfect.
Photo via www.gophuketvillas.com


  • Simple living room design, with some artistic touches that make it special.
Photo via www.decorationforlife.com


  • This contemporary living space is comfortable and welcoming. The purple furniture and the small fireplace build in the wall are the most noticeable details.
Photo via www.fotosdedecoracion.com


  • Black and white combination is always your back up plan if you don’t have any other ideas. It is modern, extravagant and give the look of a specially fashionable place.
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Photo via www.decorationforlife.com


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