23 Insanely Clever DIY Denim Projects Made From Old Jeans

Are you ready for a new DIY project? All you need to do is stop throwing away your old, worn out jeans because you would be amazed if you only knew what you can do with them! These old jeans are all you need for your new DIY project. Used denim, in the form of old jeans, is an inexpensive and easily available craft supply for everyone. If you are a creative person you will certainly fall in love with these cute and clever ideas for reusing your old jeans. And at the same time you will be very grateful for these amazing ideas if you love so much your old jeans, you don’t want to throw them, because this way you can continue enjoying in their new form. If all these reasons are enough for you, let us present to you these 23 insanely clever DIY denim projects made from old jeans.

1.Cute Denim Rag

  • Old jeans denim rug is a great idea how to reuse your old jeans. It is quite simple and you just have to vary the color, pattern, and size to make it more interesting. You can place it in the living room as a cute and unusual detail, or in front of your door, as an entryway rug.
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2. Warm Bed Quilt

  • If you don’t know what to do with your old jeans, you can make an interesting bed quilt out of denim. Combine different designs to get the quilt size that best fits your bed.
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3.Upholster Your Armchair With Old Jeans

  • Take your old jeans and upholster your armchair. Clever and inventive way to give your old and damaged armchair a fresh and new look.
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4.Footstool With Old Jeans

  • Another great idea how to give a new look to your old footstools as a specific detail for the room where you will decide to put them.
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5.Cute Denim Pillows 

  • These cute denim pillows will undoubtedly, perfectly fit in your living room.
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6. Amazing Denim Lamps

  • These hanging denim lamps would be amazing detail for every room in the house.
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7.Denim Organizer

  • Use the pockets of this denim organizer to store even the smallest things. They will be more visible and it will be easier for you to find what you need.
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8.Denim Covers For Kid’s Chairs

  • Pretty amazing idea how to make your kid’s chairs fun and interesting. This project is very simple and you will get not only specific look of the chair, but also enough space for storing all sort of things.
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9.Home Office Organizer

  • Simple but unique home office organizer.
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10.Interesting Small Denim Drawers And Toys

  • Creative way for storing small things that you use every day in these small denim drawers. And these toys are absolutely adorable!
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11.Small Denim Storage Boxes

  • You can use each one of these ideas for creating small denim storage boxes for storing all sort of things.
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12.Denim Covered Books

  • This is a perfect idea for every girl. Use your old jeans to make unique cover for your book or journal. If you use the part of the jeans with the pocket you can place your pens in it. Fell free to add some other small detail.
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13.Superb Denim Wall Decoration

  • Create superb wall decoration out of old jeans.
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14. Denim Hearts Out Of Old Jeans

  • Or create small denim hearts and hang them on a wooden crate to make completely DIY cute decoration for your home.
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15.Old Jeans Pocket Decoration

  • Combined with cute red ribbons, the old jeans pocket can be beautiful decoration for holiday times in your home.
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16.Amazing Wall Art

  • Amazing wall art can be created out of old jeans. You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy expensive wall art for your home. A little bit of your creativity and a little help will give unbelievable final result.
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17.Denim Jewelry

  • Use your creativity and imagination to make simple but beautiful denim bracelets or necklace you can wear in every occasion.
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18.Denim Bag

  • Make denim bag that you can use for shopping, or even as modern beach bag.
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19.Denim Snack Bag

  • Another good idea for making a bag out of old jeans. It is simple and adorable.
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20.Spiral Denim Coasters

  • Snip the seams of your jeans to create the thin strips that make this spiral denim coaster. These table accessories are very useful for protecting your table.
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21.Tablecloth With Old Jeans Pockets

  • Creative way to add additional space on the dining table where you can put extra napkins, plastic forks or straws.
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22.Fun Use Of Denim Pockets

  • The denim dining mat out of old jeans pockets, is really fun idea that gives a fresh look to your dining table.
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23.Denim Pocket Pot Holder

  • This is extremely useful and practical use of the denim pockets.
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