22 Delightful And Easy DIY Ideas With Old Pennies

If you are a passionate collector of old pennies, you will certainly love this post. These new DIY projects with the small coins that you collect, will give you the needed idea how to include them in the decoration of your house in a smart, unique and beautiful way. You will be able to see them every day and admire your work and creativity, and be proud that collecting them wasn’t in vain. An easy way to make your old and boring furniture or decorative details look more interesting and cool. You don’t have to throw them away, or to spend a lot of money to redesign, or to replace them. The only think you will need is a lot of glue and patience. So if we attracted your attention, you absolutely have to take a look at these 22 delightful and easy DIY ideas with old pennies.

1. Penny Vase

  • Amazing penny vase for your flowers.
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Photo via www.catchingfirefliesgifts.com


2. Candle Decoration

  • Or simple candle decoration with pennies.
Photo via www.hative.com


3. Penny Coaster

  • The penny coaster is another simple and unique idea, but also very practical.
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Photo via www.therichest.com


4. Penny Mirror Frame

  • Frame a mirror or photo with your precious cents. You can even make a unique bowl for your keys, wallet, and sunglasses.
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5. DIY Photo Frame

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6. Unique DIY Bowl

Photo via www.craft.theownerbuildernetwork.co


7. Beautiful Keychain

  • Beautiful keychain with two pennies would be a wonderful gift for a loved one, especially if the penny year is his birth year, favorite year, year you met etc. A great way to celebrate your special years and carry them with you.
Photo via www.goforwardwithfaith.blogspot.mk


8. Interesting Penny Wall Signs

  • These fabulous wall signs are made from coins on wood.
Photo via www.architecturendesign.net


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Photo via www.ecomaniablog.blogspot.mk


9.DIY Penny Art

  • This is a very interesting penny art. This amazing DIY statue is a prove that there are no limits what you can make with coins.
Photo via www.junk-culture.com


1o. DIY Penny Ring

  • Make a completely new penny ring by yourself that looks absolutely gorgeous. Or what about a massive and stunning necklace?
Photo via www.craft.theownerbuildernetwork.co


11.Amazing necklace

Photo via www.ba-bamail.com


12.DIY Penny Coffee Table

  • Replace the boring coffee table with totally cool, new one by using your pennies.
Photo via www.mittenartworks.com


Photo via www.wearingblack.com


13. Penny Countertop

  • A penny countertop is marvelous idea and another huge DIY project from pennies. This way you will get durable, and cheap new countertop in your kitchen.
Photo via www.diyncrafts.com


14. Intriguing Penny Floor

  • Intriguing and very ambitious penny floor, or penny wall. It will take time to create the penny covered floor and wall, a lot of attention, a lot of pennies and help from your family and friends. But the final result is worth the work.
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15. Penny Walls

Photo via www.thingsthatareawesomedotcom.wordpress.com


Photo via www.sinerkan.com


16.DIY Birdhouse

  • If you have birds, make unique and beautiful DIY birdhouse with a roof made of pennies.
Photo via www.indulgy.com


17. Ornament For The Garden

  • Cover a bowling pin with pennies to create a cute ornament for your garden.
Photo via www.imagestack.co


18.DIY Garden Decoration

  • Another tiled decoration that will look amazing in your garden.
Photo via www.apartmenttherapy.com


19.Penny Art

  • This penny art would be a beautiful wall decor.
Photo via www.embellishinglifeeveryday.blogspot.mk


20.DIY Penny Furniture

  • Decide whether you will sit on this amazing shiny sofa, or use it only as a room decor.
Photo via www.imgur.com


21.Glamorous Bar

  • A bar made of pennies seems to be an excellent idea to make your home more glamorous.
Photo via www.mindseyedesign11.blogspot.mk


22.Penny Tray

  • Creative idea how to carry the things with style.
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