21 Exceptional And Unique Reception Desk Designs

Whenever you enter a hotel, a salon, an office or some other institution, the first thing that you see is the reception desk. So its design is very important in order for people to get a good first impression of the whole company. A good reception desk design will definitely earn some quality points for it.

And what is a “good design” when it comes to reception desks? Well since this is the place where the guests are greeted it certainly needs to look welcoming and friendly. Also it must go well with the design of the rest of the interior. In most cases in the reception you can see the name and the logo of the establishment and sometimes they are included in the design of the reception desk too. That doesn’t mean that they need to be written on it, there are other ways of including them too. Down bellow you will see the design of the reception of a company named “Stone Source” that sells natural stone products and its reception desk is made of natural stone. Not only the desk looks amazing but it serves as a great advertisement too. What an amazing idea, right? If the design of the reception desk is unusual and unique people will unquestionably memorize it and their first impression of the place will surely be mesmerizing.

Nowadays you can find all kinds of unusual, creative reception desk designs. They vary in style, shape, material and color. It is simply impressive how creative the designers from all around the world are. I don’t know about you but I enjoy looking at creative designs. That is why I decided to collect some of the coolest ones in the gallery bellow. So scroll down and check out these 21

incredible reception desk designs and feel free to leave a comment and tell us whether you liked them and if so, which one is your favorite?


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