21 Creative Cake Designs That Are Too Good To Be Eaten

Cakes are the ultimate dessert. They are great for every special occasion like a birthday, a wedding, a party or an anniversary. In other words: when there is celebration there is also a cake! Other than serving as a celebratory dish in such occasions, the cake is also the centerpiece of the event and brings life to it. And not only they are delicious but they look great too, with the frosting and all the decorations.

Everybody loves cakes, but I think children most of all. I remember when I was a kid and on my birthdays the cake was the most exciting part of them. And every year I wanted a differently decorated cake, so I used to plan beforehand what I wanted that decoration to be. Sometimes my mum would even let me help decorating my birthday cake. Imagine that! Now that I see those decorations on photos, they all look pretty awful and funny but I liked them at that time. And I surely enjoyed creating them. But then, there wasn’t much to do to decorate your cake. The most you could do was cut it and create some interesting forms with the pieces, add colors to the frosting, add sprinkles or draw something on the surface. But things have significantly changed since then.

Now decorating a cake has become art. With various techniques cake decorators nowadays create all kinds of cake designs. With their amazing ideas and their immense creativity, they transform the cake from an ordinary dessert to an extraordinary piece of art. It is simply unbelievable what one can do with sugar. All these pictures bellow are examples of creative and exceptional cake designs that look so awesome that you wouldn’t believe they are actually eatable cakes. They look too good to be eaten. I know I wouldn’t want to mess these perfections by cutting and eating them. My compliments to the people who made these incredible designs! You did an incredible job!


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