20 Ideas Of Red And White Combos That Give Your Living Room A New Lease Of Life

If you’re looking to give your living room a new lease of life, then you may want to consider decorating your living room with a few bold red statement pieces. Here are just a few creative ways to incorporate red, into your living room. Red is a great choice of color to liven up your living room. Remember, you don’t have to make drastic changes to give your living room a new look, even a few red pieces such as a red vase, or rug can give your living room a new look. So take a look at these 20 ideas of red and white combos and give your living room a whole new lease of life. Enjoy!


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  • As red is such a bold color, you may want to consider limiting the use of it to one accent wall, which will be the focal point in your living room. Leaving the remaining walls in a neutral color, such as white, will give the illusion that your living room is bigger than it is. Or if you don’t want to change the color of the walls and prefer to have all white walls you can always opt for full length red drapes as an alternative.
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  • If you decide to paint the walls red, then chose a different color for your couch, as you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by the use of red in your living room. You can always place a couple of red cushions on your couch even if you choose one in a neutral color. Another option is to place a single red chaise, ottoman or bean bag into your living room.
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  • Although white and red color schemes are probably the most common, there are other color combinations which are just as aesthetically pleasing. As an example, dark grey complements the use of red and it is a great alternative to use instead of black.
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  • There is also an option of adding a splash of red to your living room without making a long term commitment or investing a lot of money.  You can just include a simple red vase, red lamp or a red floral arrangement on the coffee table.
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