20 Exquisite Red And Gray Bedroom Design Ideas That Will Absolutely Impress You

The bold red with the classy grey that neutralize the dominance of the red, make a superb combination for creating a sophisticated, elegant bedroom with luxurious and dynamic ambiance. These two colors work great and can transform your old, boring bedroom in a contemporary bedroom with clean, refreshing and radiant ambiance. In case you are in process of choosing the color scheme for your bedroom, you are on the right place.

The red accent brings extremely sensual, dynamic and vibrant charm in the interior. Most often, grey as neutral color is used as a base color and red as the color of the details. For example, the walls, the carpet, the bed or just the bedding can be in different shades of grey, and the curtains, lamps, pillows etc. can be red. Keep in mind that you should balance the two colors as best as you can, without overwhelming the presence of one of them. There can be found various shades of these two colors, so make sure that one of the colors is brighter than the other.  Calmer reds with a matte finish are the right choice for combining not only with grey, but also to add other neutral shades, like black and white. Scroll down to see the bedroom designs in red and grey that we have chosen for you today, and decide on whether this color combo is the right one for your bedroom. You can add some specific lighting choices, like huge chandelier, or some eye catching wall spotlight that additionally will enhance the look of your bedroom and make it more appealing, more elegant and romantic.

Take a look at the collection bellow of these 20 exquisite red and gray bedroom design ideas that could serve you as an inspiration. Enjoy!

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