20 Cool Attic Bedroom Designs

Of all the parts of the house, the attic usually is the neglected one or it is used as a storage room which is a total shame for this beautiful space. There are many better purposes you can give to the attic. Especially if it’s spacious and well-enlightened. Then, this could become a great living space. Yes, you can turn it into a living room, a master bedroom, a bedroom for your kids, a library, a playroom… the choice is enormous. If you have enough space, you can even divide it and have more than just one room here. For example you can have a bedroom and a bathroom right next to it if that is possible. Or you can have whichever room you want and still leave some space for storage. You don’t have to use the whole attic as a storing room, when you can use it for something much better.

I don’t know about you but I have always loved to have a room in the attic. There is something adorable and irresistible about these spaces that attracts me in an inexplicable way. They provide some sort of a warm feeling, relaxation and coziness. Especially the ones that have skylights. They are really magical.

If you lack the inspiration, we are here to help you with that. Today we offer you a gallery of some beautiful bedrooms settled in the delightful area of the attic. These places are certainly challenging for renovation but that should not back you down. On the contrary, that should make you feel even more motivated to start working and turn them into something beautiful. You may think at first that you can’t place your furniture in between these angled walls but that is not true. The pictures bellow are here as a proof to that. Take a look at these amazing, cool attic bedroom designs and see for yourself how enchanting they are!


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