20 Amazing Staircase Ideas That Spell Luxury

Hello people. This day we will talk about staircase ideas in interior place. This article shows the interior design of a modern staircases designed by architect Alexei Sukhov. The overall design of the house is a modern, stylish design with sharp contrasting tones on the main floors and a classic Russian style in the attic. In the following you will see the most creative staircase design with marble floor in the hall. All this might sound expensive, but so is it. 

The hall of the basement floor includes mainly only natural materials – light wood doors, marble floors and some natural stone walls. Inserts from the glossy dark blue stretch ceiling visually increase the hall in height, as well as the use on the floor of different shades of marble – from light beige to dark brown. Illumination of the basement hall is not bright, consisting of small built-in lamps. The steps of the spiral staircase are also made of marble with chrome shiny handrails, which gives the hall a certain festivity and intelligence. I think that marble floor is expensive but it looks so perfect. It gives the staircases extra design and style.

In one of the following images you will see modern wall of stones. The walls of natural stone and wood give the attic softness, warmth and comfort. Unconditional zest of this attic are the arch, the railing and the carved cornice, made of natural carved wood it’s example for perfect house. And now, take a glance in 20 amazing staircase ideas that spell luxury. Thanks for your attention and keep following us in future.

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