20 Amazing And Totally Useful DIY Jewelry Organizers

All women love jewelry and almost all women have a lot of jewelry that they can wear with different outfits every day. It is very important to have your jewelry well-organized. The traditional way of keeping jewelry is in jewelry boxes but if you ask me, that’s not so practical. It can get pretty messy in there and you won’t always be able to find what you need. At least not fast, which can irritate you and make you nervous, and you don’t want to be nervous right before you go out. Also, in the mess of the box some pieces of jewelry can easily be damaged. Of course you don’t want that to happen either, right? Especially not to some of your favorite ones.

Well, here we offer you a solution for all those problems. We offer you some ideas on how you can make amazing, creative and immensely useful jewelry organizers. With these organizers, your jewelry will always be on display and easy to find so that you don’t waste time searching for the one you need.  Also, they are all easy to make and don’t cost any money. All the stuff you need, you can find around your house. Another good thing about these jewelry organizers is that they will look great in your room as a decoration. Look at that, with one thing you get a decorating item and a place for all your necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Amazing, isn’t it? Plus, when you do something yourself, you love it even more.

All that you need is some free time and a wish to make something brilliant for yourself or as a gift for someone else. The inspiration is on us! Just look at the ideas below for these 20 DIY amazing jewelry organizers and feel inspired!



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