18 Ingenious DIY Ideas How To Create Cool Wine Racks

If you are a wine enthusiast and have many wine bottles in your home, you have to find a place where to put them. Having a sophisticated wine rack at the dining room or kitchen, or even in your living room gives your interiors more organized look, as simple decorative details. While you may prefer mounting the rack on the wall, some wine enthusiasts love floor-standing shelves for keeping a larger stock of wines that are perfect if you do not want to go to the store every time you need a bottle of wine. A wine rack is a functional detail in your home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a decorative one as well. There many types of wine rack to choose from, but while most of them would look lovely in your home, they can be quite pricey.  Make a contemporary and attractive wine rack and make a storing space for the bottles of wine you prefer the most for a lesser cost. Not everyone is a fan of wine, but you can’t deny that every house has a bottle or two that were probably a gift for some special occasion. So, if you plan on keeping such wine bottles and popping them for another special occasion, then you need to keep them properly. Keep favorite wines within reach for dinner parties and holiday gatherings with one of these well-constructed wine racks. The following homemade 18 ingenious DIY ideas how to create cool wine racks will come in handy to create an outstanding and functional wine holder. Take a look and make your choice! Which idea is your favorite?

1.DIY Barn Wood and Railroad Spike Wall Wine Rack

  • Ideal for keeping large-sized bottles, this wall-mounted wine rack can fit comfortably in your living room or kitchen.
Photo via www.ca.complex.com


2. Unique Wine Rack Wall Decoration

  • Another great choice for wall-mounted wine rack.
Photo via www.realhousedesign.com


3.Modern DIY Wine Rack

  • This modern DIY wine rack will fit perfectly in the dining room or kitchen, and here you can store your favorite collection of wines.
Photo via www.pinterest.com


4.Rustic Wall Wine Rack

  • This is the perfect space-saving rustic wall wine rack to keep all your winery items. Just take some nails and one part of your fence.
Photo via www.etsy.com


5.Classy Wall Wine Rack

  • This classy wall wine rack will save space in your home and also will bring style in the living room.
Photo via www.homedit.com


6.Curved Wall Wine Rack

  • This small piece of aluminum  hold your wine bottles in place. Besides, this elegant piece occupies less wall space.
Photo via www.thebuilderfix.com


7.Industrial Pipe Wine Rack

  • Wooden wall mounted wine rack made to resemble a window. It creates a rustic, modern and refined charm that adds character to any home
Photo via www.decorazilla.com


8.DIY Industrial Style Wine Rack

  • Use old pipes for creating your new wine rack.
Photo via www.refurbished-ideas.com


9.Unusual Wine Rack Using Pipes

  • Unusual but very practical wine rack that is also space saving.
Photo via www.bricobistro.com


10.Wood Console Table With Wine Bar

  • Nice wine bar that goes together with a wood console table. A perfect way to store your bottles of wine without taking more space in your home.
Photo via www.diymaniac.com


11.Clay Tubes Wine Rack

  • Perfect for storing a large variety of wines, this gigantic wine holder functions as a personalized bar that gives you the liberty to access your favorite drink in the comfort of your home.
Photo via www.decorationstree.com


12.Wood and Leather Wine Rack

  • Interesting wine holder that can be made by using wood and leather. Cheap but inventive.
Photo via www.themerrythought.com


13.Cool Acrylic Wine Rack

  • A unique wine bottles holder that will give your home an elegant and unusual look.
Photo via www.watsonrock.com


14.Cute Mailing Tube Wine Rack

  • This cute mailing tube wine rack is perfect for the kitchen or your living room because it doesn’t take much space. Here you can put bottle of two of your favorite wine.
Photo via www.mamabee.com


15.Pipe Wine Storage Table

  • Use your creativity to create another interesting wine storage idea using PVC pipes, and add a modern accent to your home decor.
Photo via www.viralhomes.com


16.Wagon wheel wine rack

  • Use the construction of the wagon wheel to place the bottles of your favorite wine that will additionally enhance the look of your home.
Photo via www.pinterest.com


17.Wooden Crate Wine Rack

  • You can make such wine rack from standard wine crates and the only think you have to do is to drill proper holes in it.
Photo via www.removeandreplace.com


18.Recycled Barrel Wine Rack

  • Recycle and reuse your old wine barrel by making some holes in it, and transform it in an amazing wine rack.
Photo via www.theownerbuildernetwork.co