18 DIY Original Branches Decoration Ideas That Invite Nature Into Your Home

Wood and branches has their place in the nature but they also can find a place in our homes and bring the nature right into our everyday lives. The wooden furniture is something we are familiar with a long time ago, but the other use of wood is also possible in our homes. For example, we can mention using wooden branches as a decorative detail, as well as a practical one. Living in the constant fog of the busy troubled cities we are torn apart between the natural things and the artificial ones.  There is why there is a need to bring some natural feeling at least in our homes. This can be done by planting some plants we can grow indoors, or adding some wooden elements as furniture or as decoration. Here is a collection of 18 DIY original branches decoration ideas that invite nature into your home. Go through the photos and choose a way to merge branches into your current interior design. Enjoy!

  • Whether we talk about an organic lighting fixture or a natural simple wall background, the point is that wood is present in our lives on a daily basis. Beautify the hallway or the living room with such decoration on the walls. Combined with some lighting it can be a perfect lighting feature in your house that create a mysterious but pleasant atmosphere.
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  • Use a branch to hang some flowers or plants that will be a great addition in the room that already features rustic style. You can also paint the branch to fit in the interior.
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  • Or you can use the branches and their particular shape as a support for your shelves.
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  • The branches can be a great addition in the bedroom as a decoration or as a material for the bed or bed frames. In each case it looks perfect and creates a warm and romantic atmosphere. It can also be used as curtain rod as a replacement for the metal or classic wooden one. Hang the curtains from branches for additional rustic effect.
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  • Make a simple but effective photo frame out of small branches. It is very easy to be made and costs nothing.
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  • Decorate the mirror frame with some tiny branches for a more dramatic look.
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  • Create a twig candle holder that filters the light creating a cozy romantic atmosphere.
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  • Use branches to create an eye-catching and beautiful centerpiece you can use for the holidays as a table decoration for more volume and dramatic effect.
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Branches integrate perfectly into any interior design, elegant or modern and minimalist. So don’t hesitate to use them and make them part of your home. They will also find their place as a decoration right next the front door.

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