18 Cute Breakfast Nooks To Fall In Love With

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should never skip it. No matter how much in a hurry you are, you should always find time to eat something in the morning. Your day is starting and you have all these everyday responsibilities and duties that are waiting for you to take care of, so you obviously need energy and concentration for doing all that. And precisely breakfast provides you with the required energy and nutrients that lead to increased concentration.

The perfect place for eating breakfast in your home is a breakfast nook. Dining rooms are purposed for eating a meal, but generally they are larger and set separately from the kitchen, whereas breakfast nooks are a part of the kitchen.

Breakfast nooks generally don’t take up much space. They are small but very practical. They are tucked in some corner of the kitchen or within a bay window. When placed near a window, they are simply adorable. Plus having a window seat on the one side is very space-saving.

You can even make the breakfast nook set yourself. It is not that hard. First, you have to choose the suitable place in the kitchen for it, then according to its shape and dimensions you create the furniture. There are many options for the sitting area. You can go for a bench on the one side and chairs on the other, an L-shaped sitting bench or make it as a booth. Whatever you prefer! Then you pick out the table. Like I said breakfast nooks aren’t supposed to take up much space and should be definitely smaller than the dining table, so a small coffee table for your nook would be perfect. Rectangular or round, again, the choice is yours. Once you have taken care of the furniture it is time for the decorations. Adding colors would surely make this place even more welcoming and inviting. So feel free to freshen up its look with cushions in different colors and fabric patterns on the seating, flowers on the table and photos on the walls. Be creative!

For inspiration we have rounded up 18 adorable breakfast nooks for you to see. They are so cute that you will immediately fall in love with them. Enjoy!


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