18 Creative DIY Projects For Your Old CDs

I am sure all of you have a lot of CDs around you house that you don’t use anymore. You certainly haven’t played them in who knows how much time, you probably don’t remember what is recorded on half of them or maybe more. But still, you haven’t thrown them out, right? They are still taking up space on your shelves for no reason.

Well wait, keep them around just a little bit longer, do not throw them out still, because today we are gonna show you some awesome and creative recycling ideas for your old CDs. We selected 14 brilliant DIY projects for you to make something for yourself or your home. Or maybe you can make something as a gift for somebody else. I think there is no one who wouldn’t love a handmade gift. All you need are some CDs that you haven’t used in a while (I am sure you have a lot of these around), a little bit of patience, free time and some other stuff, according to the project you will choose. All these things look amazing, and they won’t cost you any money. Plus, doesn’t it feel very good and self-satisfying when you make something yourself? When you invest your effort, time and patience in it?

If you have kids, you can include them in the job. This is something you can do together. It will be your own little project. I am sure they are gonna love being a part of it.

There are so many things you can make out of old CDs. I was very surprised to see all the amazing things you can turn them into. And I am definitely trying one of these projects myself, as soon as possible. Have a look at these great, creative DIY projects for your old CDs!


DIY Glass Coasters

Full tutorial on www.craftsbyamanda.com


DIY Earring Stand

Full tutorial on www.instructables.com


DIY Curtain

Photo via www.designanddiymagazine.com


DIY Cute Owl Holder

Full tutorial on www.icreativeideas.com

DIY Mosaic Flower Pot

Full tutorial on www.makeiteasycrafts.com


DIY Disco Ball

Photo via www.littlepieceofme.com


DIY Wall Decorations

Photo via www.themagazine.ca


DIY Christmas Ornaments

Photo via www.boredpanda.com


DIY Necklace

Full tutorial on www.planb.annaevers.com


DIY Light Globe

Photo via www.diyrecycled.com


DIY Book Organizer

Photo via www.modernhomeinteriordesign.com


DIY Wall Art

Full tutorial on www.pinterest.com


DIY CD Crochet Suncatcher

Photo via www.awesomeinventions.com


DIY Photo Frames

Photo via www.ethicaliving.wordpress.com


DIY Stylish Collar

Photo via www.winkgo.com


DIY Hanging Wall Organizer

Full tutorial on www.moy-handmade.ru


DIY Room Divider

Full tutorial on www.lifestylerr.com


DIY Tea Light Holder

Full tutorial on www.lbrummer.hubpages.com