18 Crafty DIY Ideas How To Make Fancy Decorations For Your Home Using Burlap

DIY projects are very popular in the interior design because they are very cheap option for home decoration and are a great idea how to express your creativity and how to spend your free time doing something useful. The following ideas for DIY projects that use burlap are easy to make and will bring sophistication and originality to your home. Here you have a collection of 18 crafty DIY ideas how to make fancy decorations for your home using burlap that can be a great choice. Enjoy them and draw some inspiration!


  • Cut burlap to size the tray and use sponge dauber to paint little dots onto burlap. Then glue the burlap onto the tray and you will get the most fancy tray making it the perfect accessory to display a set of vases as shown on the picture, or to serve cookies to your guests.
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  • This is a very creative and clever idea for making unordinary photo frames using burlap as a background, where you can easily switch the photos. This is a great idea for creating inexpensive, yet stylish and functional frames for home.
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  • Make this DIY burlap storage box using an old shoe box. Wrap them in burlap and will give them totally new look and use in the home office.
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  • Decorate the white candles using burlap and they will make more appealing and warm atmosphere at home.
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  • Make a small fabric box that can be very functional because you can store different things inside it.
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  • Using only a burlap and a few strokes of metallic paint you can make adorable coasters for your home.
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  • Place burlap in a stand up picture frame and you will get an amazingly looking DIY earring holder where you can display your favorite pairs of earrings.
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  • Give your old ottoman a new look and your home a refreshed rustic styles using only burlap.
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  • Make some decorative pillows out of burlap. You don’t have to sew them, all you have to do is to cut two squares to size an already existing pillow you already have. Glue the two burlap parts on the one side, put the pillow inside and glue the final side. You can optionally make small bows and glue them on the burlap as well to be even cuter.
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  • With these burlap window shades covering the windows you will protect yourself from the sun. They are very chap option and a great replacement for the pricey curtains, but very fancy and cool looking.
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  • There is also an option for creating curtains out of burlap being probably the easiest and most inexpensive way to decorate a room especially if you have a lot of windows.
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  • In the season of holidays this is a great idea how to wrap the presents for your loved ones, or at least make a beautifully wrapped gifts for under the Christmas tree.
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  • Make a creative table runner out of burlap that will be a great table decoration for every family diner or holiday party. Gather the ends together and tie with a piece of twine. Tuck something green and preferably fresh in the twine. Bittersweet or colorful leaves would be especially pretty for fall and boxwood would be perfect for Christmas.
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  • Or, make a weaved table runner. It is also a  simple, smart and very affordable craft project for your home decoration.
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  • This DIY burlap memo board is a simple, easy way to display precious memories and inspirational photos.
Photo via www.thegoodheartedwoman.com
  • Turn an old large chandelier into a show stopper by adding this huge DIY barrel shade for a chandelier using a hula hoop and burlap. This will instantly change your space and give it a new look.
Photo via www.justdiy.com
  • Dress your bed with burlap. Just lay the burlap on the bed where it is barely touching the floor. Then add the mattress and your bed will get a complete makeover.
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  • Make a lovely garland using an old tin cane and burlap. This will be a very easy, cheap and creative flower vase and a fun DIY project.

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