18 Clever Room Divider Ideas That Help You Separate The Rooms Without Walls

We all know how frightening and tricky it is to decorate and organize large empty spaces, that always give you the feeling of emptiness in the space. Dividing large rooms is actually the best solution if you are asking yourself how to design the place so that not to leave an impression that something lacks. Think about the function you want to give to the rooms you will get, the general feel you want to transmit and the visual flow. If you have no idea how to divide such a room here you have 18 clever room divider ideas that help you separate the rooms without walls. Enjoy!

  • With massive bookshelf you can divide one room from another, in this case the living room from the dining room. Bookcases are quite a wise trick. Not only will they help you stock heavy and generally space-stealing objects, but they will also create a cozy feel to the room, while economizing wall space.
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  • Curtain is quite an ingenious way of marking space. This clever room divider offers you the impression of an extention to your room and allows you to have a little more privacy in your own home.
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  • Another way to separate the rooms is by using decorative separators and elegant paravans. A wooden divider is a wonderful idea of obtaining space delimitation. You can choose between more transparent or solid materials, according to your desire of letting things show from one side to the other.
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  • Natural and modern, this house has a unique and innovative room divider displaying wood intervals that bring dynamics in the interior design.
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  • Use wooden branches to make a beautiful, eye catching and unique room divider and add a rustic style in the interior design.
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  • Create embossed panels to divide a contained work space from the eating space and kitchen, bringing an ornate, basic aspect to the interior design.
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  • Long lines, from the wooden room divider to the natural wood elements around the TV give a sense of more space and more height.
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  • This plant divider is a unique green divider and requires regular trimming along with water to keep its sleek shape. However it looks very beautiful and adds life to the interior design.
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  • Create a half height marble wall to add a bit of elegance and glamour in the interior design.
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  • Nautical and modern, this rope room divider is actually a fairly easy DIY project.
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  • Sliding glass doors don’t give a lot of privacy, but they do give a lot of contemporary elegance.
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  • The wood slats that float up with this staircase are a beautiful design element in this home where wood is dominant.
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