18 Beautifully Decorated Small Living Room Designs

While with  the decoration of large rooms we are faced with the problem of filling in the space so that it doesn’t feel cold and empty, with smaller rooms there are other issues. You probably want to make the most of the space, use almost every single inch there and in the same time you don’t want to overdecorate it and make it look too crowded. You want the room to have life in it, but not too much of it so you don’t feel like those four walls are enclosing you and suffocating you. Well don’t worry, because we are here to offer you some tips on how you can make the most of smaller spaces in your home. More precisely, we are gonna concentrate on small living room designs.

Let’s start with the color schemes. White is always a good choice for smaller spaces, at least for the walls. Dark walls visually enclose the space even more and you certainly don’t want that for your small living room. They don’t have to be white, you can add color to them if you want, but let that be some lighter tone. Using similar tones in the whole interior will visually reduce the room’s barriers and enlarge its appearance. And if you decide to use wood in the interior of the room it is best that you go for light wood, like in the example bellow.

About the furniture, you need to make sure it is suitable for the dimensions of the room. For example, sofas and armchairs with large, rolled arms take up more space so you should definitely avoid those when choosing the furniture for your living room if you want your room to breathe. Go for a simpler type of furniture with straight sides instead. As for the coffee table, a glass one would fit in perfectly.

For storage and decorations, go vertical. Add shelves on the walls! Shelves are great! They don’t take up much space but provide you with plenty of it where you can add some photo frames, vases, books, whatever you like in order to decorate the room and give it a print of your character and personality.

For more ideas and inspiration check out the gallery bellow featuring 18 stylish small living room designs.

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