17 Thrilling Lighting Ideas How To Illuminate And Glam Up Your Yard

Thoughtful landscape lighting is a treat for the eyes. You want people driving by to take a second look because what you’ve created is interesting. Except creating an exquisite atmosphere, garden lighting has to emphasize certain elements and secure safety at night. Garden lighting is first of all very helpful at night, because it lightens up our way outlining the borders of the whole garden or entrance. Lighting fixtures are with compact design and in most cases they are unnoticeable day time.

The light in the gardens can also have a decorative function and it illuminates the plants like the bushes, rocks and trees creating amazing atmosphere and look in the patio for example. Here are many ideas how to improve the look of the yard and make one that will be modern and will draw the attention of the passers-by. So, check out these 17 thrilling lighting ideas how to illuminate and glam up your yard and make an exterior worth remembering. Enjoy!

  • Put lamps that illuminate the paths in the entrance of the yard. Walkway lights brighten the landscape, add to its security, and bring a glow to its appeal.  Line them on one side of your walkway, or on both. This line can be designed with hidden or visible light fixtures. Low bodies with good optics can scatter light to a large area, without interfering with the eyes. What really matters is that all these lighting features keep the coziness of the space and make it look more elegant and modern.
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  • Spotlights are also a good way to create a dramatic effect on your home’s exterior at night.  Place them where they’ll light up the parts of your house you’d like to highlight for dramatic effect. Spotlighting trees in your yard so that their shadows appear on the grass is another way to easily create wonderful lighting effect.
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  • Or, use lights to make a border around the pool in the backyard for even more beautiful and appealing view of the water at night.
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  • Spotlight on the stairs gives amazing look at nights because it looks very unique and great and helps walkers to watch their step.
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  • Lighting the patio is very important, if you want to enjoy the nature at night. There are many great ideas that can be used to light up the patio and create a plentiful fairytale look.
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  • Some lighting features in the backyard are also welcomed, especially those that can have not only this, but also some other function. For example it would be great if you can add a big glowing flower pot in your garden. The flowers at night will make a perfect shading and with this the garden will look very cool and unique.
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  • Add a simple lighting to accentuate even more some water features you are proud you have in your yard, for example the small stream, or fountain.
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  • And because holidays are coming there are some lighting Christmas ideas. This lighted Christmas balls look very good and inviting as fence or vase topper. They will be a great detail for your entrance door.

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  • These DIY Christmas lanterns are lovely lighting idea for your yard. Very joyful and cute.
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  • The entrance door will get a huge makeover with this rich Christmas decoration. The glowing lights just add additional glamour in the whole story.
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