17 Spectacular Modern Staircase Designs

The staircases are one of the main structural elements of the house. Their function is to connect two different floors of the building or two different levels of one room. The staircases that connect two floors are usually positioned in the hallways. That way they don’t take up space in the main rooms. But nowadays, with all the modernizations in the architecture their position in the house or the apartment can be different.  They take up a good part of the space in the room, so they sure are a noticeable element of its interior. So it’s not just their primary purpose that they are important for, but also for the impression they leave.

The style of the stairs, as the style of all the other structural elements of one building defines the style of the whole interior. So we can definitely say that it is very important which design you are going to choose for your staircases. For example, if you have imagined your whole interior to be in modern style, then the staircases should be modern too. In modern staircase designs there are some rules that should be followed while choosing the materials.  If you go for wooden treads, then you should take care that they match the wood on the floor. As for the balustrade, you can choose a glass one, railings with metal spindles or you can leave the staircase open, without a balustrade. Of course if you have little children you shouldn’t go for an unenclosed staircase. The use of a glass balustrade gives a more contemporary look to the staircase. Also it makes it sophisticated and stylish. But spindles also look very good in the interior. It is all a matter of taste.

Today we have prepared 16 spectacular modern staircase designs for you. They all look amazing and I am sure they will impress you.


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