17 Modern Style Living Rooms To Draw Inspiration From

A modern living room is characterized with a minimalist style, in which usually two or three colors are dominant. These colors are usually pastel and neutral, such as white, black, brown or grey. If we want to add a colorful detail, we can, but we have to be careful not to overdo it. Modern living rooms are not cluttered with furniture and there is a lot of space for movement. The rule “less is more” applies in this style. The essential elements of a living room are present, such as sofas or chairs, the TV, some shelves, but it is all organized and designed beautifully, so that each piece of furniture has its place and it fits well in the complete decoration.

Sofas and similar sitting areas are usually placed around a minimalist coffee table, pointing the television, but that is not always the case. A modern living room should be unique and an expression of your character. There are a lot of elements you can add to your living room to make it more personalized, such as works of art by your favorite artists, sculptures or plants which will makeĀ the place livelier and brighter. For a more comfortable feel, you can always add a rug to the floor, which is usually placed under the coffee table.

You are free to play with the colors you choose, or have cool prints or wallpapers, but every modern living room has an element that is different than the others, special and attracts a lot of attention. Whatever you choose, remember that this is your living room and what is most important is that it is cozy and it feels like home.

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