17 Magnificent Paper Lanterns and Lamps

Lamps and lanterns are very important detail in your home. A stylish lamp will change the whole look of your living room, bedroom, or any other room in your home, but also can transform the look of the outdoor space. And what is even more important, you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a classy, beautiful lamp or lantern. It is enough to take a look at these amazing ideas for creating the lamp or lantern of your dreams. Some of these inventive ideas are so brilliant that they can make you really wonder how the idea that the paper can be so useful never came to your mind. So, if you’re looking for a little inspiration or a new DIY project to creatively repurpose and reuse old paper, here are 15 magnificent paper lanterns and lamps. Don’t hesitate, take a look.

1. Paper Cut Table Lamps With Floral Motifs

Photo via www.diybeautycorner.com

A great decorative element in your living room or your bedroom. It gives a romantic touch to the whole ambient.


2. Fringed Paper Lamp

Photo via www.trusper.com

Colorful and cute lamp design that will give your living room more elegant look. You will need an old paper lantern, a couple sheets of paper and scissors.


3. Colorful Cupcake Liner Lantern 

Photo via www.weirdwire.com

To create this lantern you will need an old paper lantern and several cupcake liners in different colors. Just glue them on the paper lantern and the final result will amaze you. This lantern will fit perfectly in your children’s room.


4. Cute Jellyfish Lantern

Photo via www.homefurniture-ideas.com

The jellyfish lantern is another very creative idea for your children’s room.


5. Pretty Rainbow Lantern

Photo via www.ihomeids.com

Create this simple lantern by using wax paper in different colors and bring the colors of the rainbow in your home.


6. Doily Paper Lantern

Photo via www.hoyfrases.com

The old doily you don’t use anymore can serve you to create an inventive lantern for your yard or garden.


7. Paper Lantern Embellished With Paper Flowers

Photo via www.fabartdiy.com

Make some paper flowers and glue them in a creative way to a lantern. This design of the lantern will certainly add tenderness to your living room.


8. Amazing Wax Paper Chandelier

Photo via www.hoyfrases.com

Use a wax paper and hanging planter basket you don’t use to make chic chandelier for your home.


9. Creative Paper Cut Lamp

Photo via www.thedesigninspiration.com

Cut a paper in different colors to create an interesting form that you will hang on your light bulb.


10.Gorgeous Glitter Disco Ball Lantern

Photo via www.colorsandjoy.com

Use a glitter and bring the party to your home!


11. Stunning Coffee Filter Snowball Light

Photo via www.fabartdiy.com
Photo via www.notedlist.com

Coffee filters and Christmas light string behind them can make a beautiful wall Snowball Light for your bedroom.


12. Flower and Pom Pom Fringe Lanterns

Photo via www.amazinginteriordesign.com

These flower and pom pom fringe lanterns look amazing. Decorate two paper lanterns, one with white flowers and the other wit pom pom fringe around the sphere surface and place them somewhere to be seen by your guests. They will be amazed by the result, and so will you.


13. Beautiful Newspaper Tube Lamp

Photo via www.architectureartdesigns.com

This beautiful newspaper lamp is simple but elegant.


14. Cute Colored Paper Lamps

Photo via www.pinterest.com

These lamps can be made very easily. You will only need a piece of colored paper and a candle. You can improvise and make cute designs on the paper.


15. Tissue Paper Decorative Paper Lantern

Photo via www.pinterest.com

Another fun idea how to remodel your old lantern.

Choose your favorite model for your new lantern or lamp. Just give it a try because these ideas are totally worth trying.


16. Amazing Colorful DIY Lamp With Paper

Photo via www.weirdwire.com


17. Crepe Roses Paper Lantern

Photo via www.topinspired.com