17 Long Bob Hairstyles You Will Simply Adore

The long bob, or known as well as “lob”, is pretty much a classic when it comes to hairstyles. Of course, in the last year it has become extremely popular and even women who have always worn their hair either long or short have decided to try this third option. Starting with celebrities, women from all over the world are wearing this trendy hairstyle that seems to maintain its popularity this year as well.

The long bob is such an awesome hairstyle for so many reasons. It’s beautiful and classy, but in the same time it breathes with confidence and strength. It’s rebellious and fun and playful and gentle, all in the same time. You cannot go wrong with a lob; they go well with every face shape and every hair texture, which is even more important. This hairstyle is so versatile that will look well on you no matter what your style is, and there are so many different variations you can do. You could choose from an angled lob, or you could add bangs, wear it straight, curly, wavy or messy and it will look amazing and fancy anyway. And if you had long hair previously, think of all the time and products you will save when styling your hair if you simply cut it in half! And of course your hair will be refreshed, soft and smooth and thankful for the chance of revival you’ve given it. So don’t think twice, if you haven’t tried it so far, give it a go, I am sure you will absolutely adore it. Be brave and experiment, and brace yourself, compliments are coming!

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