17 Inspiring Artistic Living Rooms You Will Absolutely Adore

The living room is that room in your house where you spend most of your day, the room where you relax, alone or with family, friends and loved ones. The living room should be cozy and warm in order for you to feel comfortable and pleasant spending time there. In my opinion, the most beautifully decorated living rooms are those that are very personalized and express a style or character. The reason they are so warm is because the minute you walk into the room, you can feel the life breathing from it, they are not cold and uninviting, but instead make you feel as if you were home, even if it’s not your house. The decoration creates this wonderful atmosphere of relaxation and peace and a feeling of belonging and warmth.

One way you can personalize your living room and make it unique and special is by decorating it artistically. Everyone has a different taste in art, and the way you decorate your living room says a lot about you. You can be creative and use a lot of colors, just make sure they complement each other and the entire room looks tasteful. You can have colorful pillows, rugs with interesting patterns, fun and interesting posters, paintings or photographs. A sculpture will completely change the look of your room. An abstract sculpture is really fun to look at and it will brighten the entire room. Don’t forget to add plants for that extra warmth and life. Interesting and unique lightning can also make a change even in the most simply decorated room. Just have fun, be creative, and put yourself into it, and  I guarantee you, the result will be amazing. Below are some pictures which can be your inspiration.

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