17 Eye Catching Bonsai Decoration Ideas For Indoors

If you are looking for interior decoration for your home, it can be decorated with flowers and various plants as natural elements. Bonsai is a small and decorative tree and can be found in many forms and colors. It is a very beautiful and unique home decorative element that will bring life and variety right into your home. Feel the scent of the nature with one of those beautiful Bonsai trees. Choose the form and the color you prefer, lighten up the space and create a pleasant and eye catching decoration for the living room. Take a look at these 17 eye catching Bonsai decoration ideas for indoors and you will love to have one in your home too. Enjoy!



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  • As normally tropical and subtropical plants, Bonsai trees can survive indoors in the more temperate parts of the world, where we normally have a heated living environment, given the fact that we also have to supply them with their other requirements of suitable for healthy growth such as light and humidity.

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  • Make sure to place your bonsai at a bright spot, preferably directly in front of a window given the fact that the intensity of light indoors is much lower than outside and for every plant light is of greater importance. If you lack light in your home artificial lighting can be additional help, by using for example fluorescent lighting. This way you will preserve the plant and insure its growth process.
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  • Another issue with keeping a tropical bonsai tree indoors is that the tree needs a relatively high level of humidity and to increase humidity near your bonsai tree you can place it on a humidity tray filled with water. Don’t forget to water the plant and keep the warmth in your living room. It is enough to maintain standard room temperature.
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