16 Wall Murals That Bring A New Dimension To Your Living Room

Choosing the right design and decoration for your living room is of great importance since this is the one place of the house where you spend most of your days. No wonder this room is called a living room. This is your living space where during your free time you sit and relax, having a cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of wine. It is also a gathering place for you and your family and friends. So its decoration needs to satisfy your taste and guarantee you a comforting feeling, relaxation and total enjoyment.

The wall treatment plays a big part in the living room’s décor. While deciding what to do with the walls, you should take in consideration every single detail about the room and certainly you should act according to the effect you want your living room to make. For example, if your living room is not very spacious, you don’t want the decoration of your walls to enclose and shrink the space even more. That is why you should go for white walls or some bright shades of colors that visually widen the place.

Another way of visually expanding your living room is with wall murals. A mural is a piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall. Applying a mural to a wall in your living room brings a whole new dimension to the place. It makes the interior so much more interesting and it transforms it into a piece of art. You don’t have to live by the beach to have a beautiful view of the sea. With these wall murals you can bring the beach and the sea in your living room. Or whichever other view you prefer. The choice is huge.

Down bellow you can see 16 beautiful examples of living rooms with wall murals that will amaze you. They enrich and enliven the living room in a way that is simply unbelievable. Take a look and enjoy!


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