16 Shiny And Spotless White Kitchen Designs

Hello and welcome to today’s gallery featuring 16 stunning white kitchen designs that we have rounded up for you. Choosing white color for your kitchen design is the right thing to do if you want it to look bright, shiny and spotless. White associates with light, purity, cleanliness and it is known to represent perfection. White is certainly a good choice for a kitchen. Scroll down and see for yourself.


Photo via www.home-designing.com

On the first photo you can see a beautiful minimalist white kitchen design that looks absolutely stunning. It is simple but very attractive. This kitchen is quite spacious and it is purposed for large houses. But all the space that it takes up is worth it, since there is quite enough room for storage.


Photo via www.designehoms.com

Here we have another example of a kitchen designed in minimalist style, where the white is contrasted with some modern contemporary decorations.


Photo via www.eco-fueler.com

This contemporary kitchen is one of the best designs in this collection if you ask me. The dark wooden floor nicely complements all the whiteness in the room, giving warmth and a natural touch to it. The window, positioned in the right place to provide the interior with natural light and make it even more inviting. And what to say about the magnificent island? I think it speaks for itself. Everything is perfectly arranged.


Photo via www.interiorworld.net.in

Another beautiful white kitchen design with this time light wooden floor to warm it up and black countertops for contrast.


Photo via www.hgtv.com


Photo via www.privatestate.ro

And once again a minimalist kitchen design that is spotless. And look how adding just a little bit of color to it makes a big difference. The small number of yellow decorative items are just enough to break the monotony and enliven the space.


Photo via www.trsphoenix.com

Another proof that adding wooden texture in contemporary white kitchens is definitely a good decision.


Photo via www.chesterton-library.net


Photo via www.easybedshome.com

Another contemporary kitchen design with wonderful combination of shiny white and wooden texture.


Photo via www.citizensf.co

Within this open-concept kitchen, the island stands in sharp contrast to the white cabinets, and the simple but cute-looking yellow chairs warm up the space. And I love that there is plenty of natural light that makes the interior of this kitchen even more adorable.


Photo via www.lyncho.com

White, light grey and stainless steel. Mixing these three up results in a great-looking contemporary kitchen design.


Photo via www.altitudeinteriors.co.uk


Photo via www.superdom.ua


Photo via www.home-designing.com


Photo via www.architecturaldigest.com

Beside wooden floors, a wooden ceiling is also a good idea if you want to give a more natural look and coziness to the contemporary design of your kitchen.


Photo via www.jinez.com

And lets finish this round up with another minimalist kitchen design.