16 Original DIY Hanging Planters You Can Easily Make At Home

Do you think that your garden needs a little refreshment? Have you ever thought how to plant the flowers and display them but not in the usual way? Gardening is a great hobby and also a creative one. Once you gain a bit of experience, you will learn how to manage your garden and how to maintain its beauty. You need to be creative, come up with unique ideas and constantly work to include different things in your garden that will refresh and improve its look.

Among too many ideas, some exotic and beautiful hanging planters could enhance the beauty of your garden, and make it lavish with a blend of flowers and plants. Hanging vertical gardens may be your perfect solution. This would be a great idea if you’re limited in outdoor space or even if you just want to try something a bit different than growing plants and flowers in pots. It seems very easy to do and looks pretty amazing. Maybe we cannot buy some exquisite planters, but we can design unique hanging planters and enjoy one more exciting DIY project. The DIY hanging planters can make your garden more beautiful than ever. It is important you to like them and to enjoy the time in your garden. With some of these 16 original DIY hanging planters you can make easily at home you can certainly achieve a creative and beautiful garden look.


1. String Garden

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2. Hanging Bag Planters

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3. Crate Planters

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4. Hanging Garden In Baskets

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5. Metal Bucket Planters

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6. Vertical Garden With Mason Jar Planters

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7. Wooden Shelves For Plants

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8. DIY Bottle Planters

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Hanging planters are so easy to make and also very cheap. You don’t need to buy a beautiful basket, or a flower pot from a store, some materials that you have at home or you don’t use it anymore can be very useful. For example, the old tires or old bottles can be simply used as a planter. Or use an old palette to make a whole vertical hanging garden. Using the old crates is also possible if you want a little more space to plant your hanging flowers. There are so many ideas, and so many solutions for arranging the flowers in your garden.


9. Vertical Clay Pot Arrangement

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10. Old Tire Planter

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11. Palette Planter

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12. Old Boots Planters

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13. Light bulbs into hanging planters

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14. Chandelier Planter

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15. PVC Pipes As Planters

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16. Hanging Flower Pots

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