16 Makeovers Using Spray Paint For Giving a New Life To The Old Things

Hello friends. Today, in this post you will find idea how to use spray paint for home and outdoor decor. It’s easy to be creative when you already have an idea and a spray paint. Makeovers are very easy and you could save some money. So, hereinafter you will have a chance to see 12 makeovers using spray paint for giving a new life to the old things!

1.DIY spray painted coffee beans for making cheap vase decoration;

Good looking decor for the vase. Take a look.

Photo via www.cutedecor.com

2. How to spray paint the shower fixtures in the bathroom;

Add fresh look in the bathroom. Use spray paint for this.

Photo via www.woohome.com

3. Spray painted in gold color magnet letter for refrigerator decoration;

Paint the magnet letters and tech your children the letters. Find idea here.

Photo via www.mysocaldlife.com


Photo via www.tiphero.com

4. Spray flower art that you could do it yourself;

What a nice flower art that you could do it yourself.

Photo via www.quiet-corner.com


Photo via www.quiet-corner.com

5. Paint a faucet in the bathroom using spray paint;

Paint a faucet in the bathroom in the color that you like.

Photo via www.sincerelysarad.com

6. Use spray paint and branches for making a decorative element for your home;

Extra branches for home decor that you could do it no time.

Photo via www.momtastic.com

7. DIY mercury glass by using spray paint;

Follow the instruction below and make a mercury glass in no time.

Photo via www.interiorsbykenz.com


Photo via www.interiorsbykenz.com

8. Spray painted glass bottles for home decor;

Spray painted glass bottles that you could do for your home.

Photo via www.homeyohmy.com

9. DIY spray painted plastic bins;

Plastic bins could be useful for storage to some of the things.

Photo via www.tiphero.com


Photo via www.thecreativityexchange.com

10. Paint the old metal chairs and use it in the kitchen and outdoor place;

Paint the metal chairs and bring it to the patio place. Find idea in this photo.

Photo via www.homesthetics.net

Use this painted bar chairs for your kitchen. Find idea here, in this image.

Photo via www.livelovediy.com

11. Paint the flower pots in the house or in the front porch for modern look;

Give the old flower pots a new look. Create an inviting place for front porch.

Photo via www.lavozdelmuro.net

Spray painted flower pots for indoor. Take a look.

Photo via www.vagabomb.com

12. Patio furniture makeover using spray paint;

Paint the furniture cushion and give the old furniture new look.

Photo via www.thehappierhomemaker.com


Photo via www.thehappierhomemaker.com

Extra good look for the furniture in the outdoor place.

Phot via www.tiphero.com

13. Use spray paint for painting the staircases in the house;

Nice trasformation of the staircases in the house.

Photo via www.edna.bg

14. Use spray paint for painting the furniture;

Give the old desk and chair new look by using spray paint.

Photo via www.woohome.com

15. Use spray paint for painting the old armchair;

The old armchair could look very nice by using spray paint.

Photo via www.edna.bg

16. Create silver box for the garden by using spray paint in gold color.

Beautiful decor for your garden. Take a look and find idea for your own garden.

Photo via www.woohome.com