16 Floor Lamps To Add A Touch Of Class And Style To Your Home

Adding an attractive or floor lamp with an unusual design to any room is an easy way to add a touch of class and style and to bring change into your everyday life. There are many styles of floor lamp, but those that have a unique form and design deserve more attention. The retro styles and the ones over sized can be the right choice for your home, especially if you want to change and refresh the decoration of a specific room in the house. Lamps are just a detail in the decoration of a room but they can become the focal point in that room. The lamp can mean a lot for room decor, if carefully chosen. Lighting your home is easily, but it is necessary a good lighting solution to add a warm atmosphere to someone’s home. If you need some ideas for unique floor lamp design check out these 16 floor lamps to add a touch of class and style to your home. Enjoy!


This light bulb floor lamp can be a real refreshment for your living room, or the hallway.

Photo via www.thegreenhead.com


This unique triple brass arc floor lamp is very elegant detail for the living room.

Photo via www.hanlonstudios.com


Simple, but very modern and elegant lamp design.

Photo via www.ilovemondaysoff.wordpress.com


This huge lamp will certainly become the focal point in your living room.

Photo via www.brabbu.com


Photo via www.twenga.com.au


A great example how to make on your own a simple, but adorable wooden floor lamp.

Photo via www.infohome.com.ua


Enjoy the nights with this modern triple lamp.

Photo via www.maureenstevens.com


This arc floor lamp is another example for modern floor lamp design.

Photo via www.deviajeporahi.com


The following lamp is a beautiful jazz inspired floor lamp. For all lover of this art here is something to enjoy.

Photo via www.4living.ru


The following lamp is a very modern floor lamp design and represents one incredible invention that deserves to take place in one of the rooms in your home.

Photo via www.luceplan.com


Another example how the triple floor lamp can be included in the interior decor.

Photo via www.delightfull.eu


This lamp consists of three wicker globes hanged on a metal stand. They bring cozy and delightful mood to your home and look very elegant.

Photo via www.kirklands.com


Very warm and beautiful wooden triple floor lamp that will ad a rustic touch in the interior design.

Photo via www.etsy.com


This is nice industrial metal floor lamp that will fit perfectly in every room.

Photo via www.culturesouthwest.org.uk


Another example for industrial floor lamp that is good for office as well as for home decor.

Photo via www.decoracao-salas.com


This huge lamp is enough to lighten your living room and create a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

Photo via www.sophieburkitt.blogspot.mk