16 Fascinating Living Room Designs With White Brick Walls

When it comes to choosing the right color for an interior, it seems that white is the most common one, especially for the walls in the house. Although, white can look a little boring and simple because walls take up a lot of space in the house, there are many possible ways how to achieve the opposite effect. One of them is to emphasize texture and decorating patterns. You can use it for brightening up old brick walls, or you can simply opt for white bricks. Here you have exactly 16 fascinating living room designs with white brick walls that can make you change your mind when it comes for white walls in the living room. Enjoy!


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  • White bricks show the beauty of the walls in your living room and can simply transform and enhance your living room. These kind of walls on the one hand because of the white color, and of the other hand because the bricks are considered to be a natural material, make one almost perfect combination of neatness of the white color and a touch of natural texture into the space. They can make a space look more graceful, clean and peaceful and at the same time can visually widen the space.
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  • The brick texture and pattern when combined with white paint can make a statement and give a character and balance to modern interior design, especially if you choose more colorful furniture, or colorful decorative items as paintings pillows, etc.
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  • There is another advantage of having white brick walls instead of the brown or red brick walls and it is that you can use any other color for the rest of the room decor and thus make contrast with colorful fabrics and vibrant accessories. And when it comes to materials, brick walls fit perfectly in combination with materials like wood, ceramics, glass, stainless steel and thus creating warm and inviting atmosphere.
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