16 Exquisite Examples How Elegant Curved Sofa Can Look In The Living Room

Round room and curved sofa go well together as a combination, right? But, the curved sofa is not an element that fits well only in round rooms. If styled well, it can perfectly find its place and can look great in any other room shape. And finally if not the whole room is round there is eventually some curved accent wall, and if not, there are many other elements that can be combined with curved sofa to create a very modern, contemporary and stylish design for the living room. Check out these 16 exquisite examples how elegant curved sofa can look in the living room and think of changing your sofa to give a whole new dimension to the look of the living room. Enjoy!

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Curved walls are not exactly a universal feature in most homes, so it is less likely to have a living room with such walls than a living room with empty corners. Because of this, you can place your curved sectional comfortably in a corner, matching the curve with the junction of the two walls, and this is very functional if you are running short on space for example. By choosing this type of arrangement, you’ll still have some space behind the sectional and this gives you the opportunity to place a large planter or a floor lamp in that particular spot. Or, you can put a curved sofa in the middle of the room, and divide in this way the living room from the kitchen or the dining room creating a separate sectional combined with a round coffee table and a creative rug.

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Anyway, consider using a curved sofa with a seat or bench next to it, to intensify additionally the look and the impression it makes in the living room. The same idea of a circle can be strongly dramatized in the ceiling, the rug and not one is the only option, the coffee table, the sofa table if not in the shape of the room itself. Seating in round is absolutely conducive to conversation and such organization of the living room makes it look special and elegant and gives it a very modern touch.

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The round shape is an enduring trend and there’s no denying the energy and movement it brings to every living room. I already mentioned that it looks modern, contemporary and even the most simply decorated room gets one different dimension when the round shape is in question. The trick in making a round element work is to echo it elsewhere where possible in the room. This includes the coffee table, the rug or the ceiling if not the whole room shape.

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