16 Examples Of Artistic And Extravagant Table Designs

While most of the people don’t pay much attention on the design of the dining table, the coffee table or any side table in the house, they can be very important and decorative piece of furniture in the interior design. We just have to accept that and can realize actually that creative designers are still able to find ingenious new ways to turn tables into works of art, using different materials and wild imagination. Here you have 16 examples of artistic and extravagant table designs that represent an effortless fusion of function and artistic design that will at least convince you to think twice the next time you pick a table for your home. Enjoy!

  • A remarkable leaf table design will be a real refreshment and replacement for your old and boring dining table, that will draw the attention of everyone that comes in your house.
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  • This sparkling side table is joyful and eye catching table design you will love to have in your interior design, if not as a classic side table than at least as a beautiful decoration in some corner in the living room, or in the bedroom.
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  • If you have an aquarium in the house why not to use it to make a creative design for the coffee table. This way you can watch your fishes swimming in the aquarium while drinking your morning coffee.
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  • These branch side tables can fit well in every room in the house and in every interior design as a remarkable piece of furniture.
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  • This is a very futuristic table design, where the light is a very creative touch especially at night because it gives a romantic lighting that fills the whole room.
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  • This table is designed to resemble a treasure box and it can be an excellent additional storage space for a decent amount of items you have in your house.
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  • The amethyst table is also one creative and unique table design that looks expensive and very unique.
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  • Having such a table in your living room will be charming detail, because its legs that are in the form of a pair of wooden circle that collided give it a very cool and special look.
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  • Having a liquid glacial table is also a charming addition in the living room, and a great replacement for the classic coffee table with ordinary design.
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  • This is a wood log table that can take place in your home and transform the look of the dining room adding a touch of rustic style and warmth.
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  • This table design is very cute and easy, and you can make it yourself with a little boat and a glass that follows the form of the boat.
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  • With this creative coffee table, you can virtually bring the beauty of butterfly into your living room, because this table gives natural touch to any space with its aesthetics.
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  • The glass river table is another great table design that represents a real piece of art.
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  • This ghost side table will be a fun addition in your living room.
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  • The abyss table design is another creative and unique detail for the living room, giving a whole new dimension to the interior decor.
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  • Table legs are usually only four pieces of wood, but this is not the case with this table. The wood is arranged in such a way so as to form a pile of firewood.
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