16 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations And Crafts Anyone Can Make At Home

Holidays are perfect time for family, friends, for good food, and time for the most creative home decoration ideas. Of course, you can buy them once and then reuse the same ones over and over again. But if you’re bored with the same Christmas decorations or just feeling creative, why not create your own decorations? And by using recycled materials, not only will you save money, but you’ll explore a whole new level of creativity! If you need some ideas to get started, here are 16 easy DIY Christmas decorations and crafts anyone can make at home. Enjoy!

Use the old slippers to make a beautiful and creative decoration for the holidays. Put inside them pine needles and decorate with red Christmas balls.

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Stay out of the ordinary and replace the classic green holiday wreath with a traditional red ribbon with a DIY wreath made out of coffee filters and decorated with some Christmas balls and pine cones fastened on few branches.

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Create a punched tin Christmas ornament and a lovely glow on the Christmas tree. Use any tin can you have to begin making this lovely ornament craft. Make beautiful punched-hole designs on the outside of the cans, and create gorgeous DIY Christmas ornaments to add to your collection of holiday home decor.

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Use old wine glasses to create this cute table centerpiece for the Christmas table.  Put fake snow inside the glasses, few small Christmas balls and a little candle. Very beautiful, elegant and romantic detail.

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Cute snowman vase decorated with Epsom salt.  Recycle an old jar or vase, use Epsom salt to give it that white snowy look and then use some left over ribbon and few spare buttons to create this darling snowman.

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Decorate every wall in your house this Christmas making these craft stick snowflakes. This Christmas craft is a great way to decorate and embelish your home without spending too much.

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Keep your wine or liquor bottles nice and warm this winter with these fun colorful knitted caps. You can create fun little hats to top all your bottles. It is easy and very unique idea. Make one to top a few wine bottles you are giving as Christmas gifts or setting out for a holiday party.

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Add some sparkly ambiance to your home this holiday season. The glowing snowflake wreath is an easy Christmas craft that will do just that. The pretty wreath makes a perfect centerpiece for your mantel and will set a festive mood for any holiday occasion.  To make it you need a lot of snowflake ornaments and some white Christmas string lights. You can hang the wreath on a mirror, wall, door or wherever else you want. Santa might need one of these to guide his sleigh on Christmas night. Who knows.

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Creative paper ball ornament for the Christmas tree that looks like a little rose flower.

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Very chick interior hall staircase Christmas decoration where the handrail is decorated with wavy pine needles, red Christmas balls and lights.

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Use pine cones painted silver as ornaments for your Christmas tree. Unusual, but creative DIY decorative detail.

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The combination of pine leaves, berries and pine cones in a crystal cylinder makes this decoration a spectacle to behold. This is a perfect centerpiece for your dining table on Christmas Eve.

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Don’t throw away the used wine bottles, but use them to create a very unique Christmas decoration for your home. Spray the bottles with some craft bond spray and after that roll the bottles in Epsom salt. Then you can decorate the bottles with some silver balls on silver branches or use everything that you think will create one whole beautiful decorative detail.

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This is a Christmas porch bucket filled wit with birch and pine cones making a perfect and easy DIY Christmas home decoration. You will need only some Christmas balls, Christmas lights, branches and pine cones.

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A clear, transparent ornament that is very delicate and also very original. To make something similar you will need fake snow or confetti, block letters, ribbon and glue. Glue the letters together to form a word that fits inside, fill the ornament with snow, berries and greenery and then place the word inside using tweezers. Just amazing!

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This silver painted curly branch is a perfect for making a beautiful hanging chandelier above the dining table holding Christmas balls. Trendy combination and amazingly eye-catching final result.

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