16 Dazzling Ombre Wall Designs To Get You Inspired

We all have heard of the ombre style. Ombre technique is a coloring effect in which the bottom part of the piece is darker than the top part, or the other way around. The goal of the ombre technique it to create the impression that the used colors or tones shade into each other. This technique is very popular nowadays and it can be used almost everywhere, and of course in interior design as well.

This effect is perfect for your home decor, you can import it on your furniture and accessories, but it looks especially good on walls. If you want to give the walls in your house this look and you are not sure if you can do it yourself contact a professional painter. However, here are 16 dazzling ombre wall designs to get you inspired in creating one dreamy ombre wall of your own. Enjoy them!


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Doing your walls with ombre effect will make a statement and draw attention and will make a significant focal point into your room. An ombre wall creates an effect as if the top of the wall disappears in the air, that is such a magic scene and fulfills the space with a dreamy and soft appeal. It is beautiful and admirable to look in such piece of art because that is what it is, a real art technique.

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Creating ombre can be challenging, but also it can be very easy. First you have to figure out how to fade the color but, on the other hand, you don’t have to be as precise as when you paint two tone walls or stripes. Try to work on blending the colors together and not to leave harsh lines where the colors mix.

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It is excellent and enchanting wall design for every room in the house that brings warmth, color and new dimension in the look of the room. The kid’s room looks maybe the most beautiful with the ombre effect on the wall. It is just charming and adorable.

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