16 Creative Ideas For Recycled Wine Barrel Projects You Would Love To Have In Your Home

We all know that giving old stuff a new life instead of throwing them away is always valuable and ecological. So, this is the case with wine barrels as well. There are pretty much different ways for using old wine barrels to decorate the home and the outdoor space. For example, they can be used to make crafted dog beds, planters, chairs, tables, and so on… If you have one empty wine barrel at home instead of throwing it think about the idea of recycling it. Here you have 16 creative for recycled wine barrel projects you would love to have in your home and will help you find a proper inspiration. Enjoy!

For making this small and cute backyard fountain, or a simple water feature you will need a little creativity and one or two old wine barrels.

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Make a nice wine barrel side table and put some flowers and candles on it to refresh your living room.

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Or make a comfortable bed for your dogs.

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Cut out a portion of a wine barrel and turn it into a frame of a wall mirror.

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Make a nice barrel table, as a unique and creative addition for backyards, or even for indoors.

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This is very pretty idea how you can use the old barrel. Cut it in half and use the one half to make a beautiful fireplace centerpiece for your yard.

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You can make another project for outdoors using old wine barrel. This colorful mini garden will fill with joy and happiness the whole garden.

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This is a very unique coffee table that will certainly amaze your guests.

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Use the old barrels you have at home to create very beautiful and eye-catching collection of garden chairs and table.

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Or, just cut a barrel in several pieces and use them as storage solution for your bathroom.

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The idea for using the wine barrel as backyard pump is also good and useful.

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This wine barrel ice cooler is very smart and useful project for summer time.

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The kitchen island is very useful element in the kitchen, and one like this that uses wine barrels, is not only useful, but it is also very unique and gives the kitchen a very special look.

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