16 Creative DIY Ideas How To Re-purpose The Old Kitchen Stuff

Before you throw away the old kitchen items, consider the chance to re-purpose them and give them a second life with some other purpose. Not only will you save some money, but you’ll be able to add to your home a vintage value. All the stuff you use in the kitchen can get another more creative use and if you like the idea given, check out the following 16 creative DIY ideas how to re-purpose the old kitchen stuff and try some of them. Enjoy!

1. Teacup Lamps

  • Use the old teacups to make cute pending lamps. They are just adorable.
Photo via www.taringa.net

2. Industrial Whisk Pendant Lamp

  • This utensil for whipping eggs or cream
Photo via www.whipperberry.com


3. Galvanized Buckets Light Fixture

  • Make a vintage light fixture using old galvanized buckets.
Photo via www.fenikssfun.com

4. Wall Light From Old Strainers

  • Make an interesting wall light feature from old pasta strainers. This will give a vintage look to the wall and to the room where they will be installed.
Photo via www.earthables.com


5. Succulents In Teacups

  • Charming and really easy to add a little vintage fun to your space.
Photo via www.impactthriftstores.org


6. Rolling Pins Kitchen Rack

  • Use the rolling pins to make attractive kitchen rack with hooks.
Photo via www.architecturendesign.net


7. Coffee Pot Terrarium

  • Make this adorable coffee pot terrarium and use it as a decoration somewhere in your house.
Photo via www.50plusser.nl


8. Table Holder From Old kitchen Chalkboard

  • This is very useful and creative project. You can put your tablet on the old chalkboard for easier and simplest use.
Photo via www.decorarcomcharme.com.br

9. Cute Vertical Planter From Re-purposed Plastic Bottles

  • This vertical planters will be a nice decoration for every wall in the house.
Photo via www.earthables.com


10. Cheese Grater Pencil Holder

  • Use the cheese grater to create a unique pencil holder. Hang it on the wall in your kid’s room or in the office.
Photo via www.kissemese.cafeblog.hu


11. Muffin Tin Organizer

  • Make a nice divider for some small items from the muffin tin you used to use for making muffins in the kitchen.
Photo via www.trending.nl


12. DIY Silverware Fruit Bowl

  • Use the old kitchen utensils to make this attractive fruit bowl. Just glue them and make a nice ensemble for your table.
Photo via www.fenikssfun.com


13. Spoon Hooks For The Planters

  • Transform the old spoons into vintage hooks for your planters. And not only for the planters, you can hang on them whatever you want.
Photo via www.scrollbin.com


14. Hanging Painted Mason Jar Planters

  • Paint three or more mason jars in the colors you love, plant some plants in them and create a colorful wall decoration.
Photo via www.scrollbin.com


15. Re-purposed Funnels Into Candle Holders

  • Re-purpose and re-use the vintage funnels into vintage and special candle holders.
Photo via www.france-rezo.com


16. Teacup Bird Feeder

  • Be a humanitarian and make a small bird feeder from the old teacup. It will cost you nothing, but it will be significant for the small birds.
Photo via www.practicallyfunctional.com