16 Adorable DIY Side Table Designs For Your Interior Design

There are many furniture elements that can serve as decoration for the interior design of your home. Every day appear new trends and new furniture designs on the market. Side tables can be very functional and also a very nice decorative detail. Instead of searching the best side table design for your home, try and make one on your own according to your own taste and preferences. If you need some inspiration take a look at the following 16 adorable DIY side table designs for your interior design and make a similar one for your home. Enjoy!

  • This little wooden side table is very unique and adorable as a decoration for your living room.
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  • Repaint the old table in a color that work well with the overall color scheme.
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  • Just use a larger piece of wood to create this unique timber side table.
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  • This wood stacked bedside table has very unique design and it is very affordable.
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  • Use the old laundry basket and create a beautiful and creative bedside table for your bedroom.
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  • This easy tree stump side table is very unique and very easy to be made.
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  • This is a nice combination of a planter a serving bowl and a round piece of wood that make a great and functional side table. First, spray paint the wood, the planter and the serving bowl and let them completely dry. Then, superglue the bowl onto the bottom of the planter and the wood circle onto the top of the bowl.
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  • Get three aluminum sheet metal and two wood rounds. Use embroidery thread to securely tie the metal sheets into rounds. Paint the metal base in the color you want and after it is dry place it on the wood round and your side table is ready.
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  • Make a unique side table by adding some golden accents. Dip the table legs in a golden paint and your old side table will get a completely new and refreshed look.
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  • This cement side table will improve the look and atmosphere in your living room. Nice decorative and very useful furniture detail.
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  • Cut a square of a beautiful fabric a few inches larger than the tabletop. Then, glue the fabric on the table and after it dry, to seal the surface, add three coats of water-based polyurethane on top of the fabric. Be sure to let each layer dry completely between coats. The final result is striking.
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  • This table design is totally trendy, it’s playful and overall a really great addition to any space in the home.
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  • Make a nice wooden frame for the side table. Paint or stain the wooden rails, however you’d like and remember to seal with multiple coats of your favorite clear finish. Put a glass on top of the wooden frame and glue everything to get a very beautiful ensemble.
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  • You can build beautiful DIY side table for your bed to hold your accessories over there when you go to sleep at night. Make this easy and unique cardboard side table and beautify your bedroom.
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  • This colorful bookshelf wooden side table is a real refreshment for the living room design. Get some pallets and turn them in side table where you can store your books and magazines.
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