15 Wonderful DIY Stone Pathways For Your Garden

A traditional garden can look really nice with some stone pavers and pathways in combination with plants and flowers. Stone pathways had been always a trend because the stone is a universal natural material used since the beginning of humanity.  Stones are still used up to this day because it is something that never gets old through time. Nothing beats natural materials indeed. If you love how the stone pathways look, check out these 15 wonderful DIY stone pathways for your garden and get inspired to create one for your garden or front yard. Enjoy!

This garden is filled with various types of plants and it also has a stone pathway. Additional remarkable detail is that the spaces between the stones are being filled with gravel.

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A modern garden can also have a stone pathway like this one. Instead of irregular stones paths, this one used square ones with gravel around it.

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For this pathway different kinds of stones were used and they also come in different sizes too.

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The stones that cover the green lawn lead to the house and create a beautiful pathway. Very creative indeed.

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This is another great idea to create a stone landscape by scattering the stone path in this manner. With this, you are making an interesting pathway that combines larger irregular stones and gravel but it is equally beautiful as the ones that are sleek.

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One way to make your front yard garden fun and functional is to add edibles into the mix! And of course, there has to be a beautiful stone pathway in the middle that separates that flowers and leads the way to the main entrance.

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This is a very beautiful garden landscape with a beautiful design as trees and shrubs surround it. The stonepath make this area look even more gorgeous and interesting.

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I love the way the green plants peep through the cracks of the stones defining it making this pathway and the whole garden to look breathtaking.

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Stones are seen everywhere in the outdoor area of this house making many pathways in every possible direction.

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I suppose everyone would love to have such pathway that leads to the entrance of his house. Absolutely adorable blending with the nature.

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This gardening space looks very relaxing and very inviting with all the green plants, shrubs and trees planted around the stone pathway that balances the whole atmosphere in this amazing garden.

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This is a perfect combination of the use of gravel and irregular stones that will make even more perfect and appealing pathway in every garden.

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There are many other beautiful landscaping pathway ideas for the garden or front yard.

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