15 Unique Driftwood Decoration Ideas That Will Make Your Home Decor Exceptional

Using driftwood for indoor decoration gives a lot of character to our home because of its age and imperfections. Creating something new and unique that you cannot buy in a store gives unique charm to your home, and it is also very cheap option for home decoration. You can make some extraordinary decorations for your home by using only driftwood, some other things you already have at home and little imagination. If you want to see some examples take a look at the following 15 unique driftwood decoration ideas that will make your home decor exceptional. Enjoy!

Place the candle on a plate and surround it with driftwood to make a DIY candle holder. Decorate with a sea star or something else and enjoy the romantic atmosphere it creates.

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This shelf is a real piece of wood art and a very interesting detail for a wall in the living room.

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This is a very easy but inventive DIY project. Create these small boats and use them as a decoration.

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Driftwood can be used to plant some succulents as well and to make a really nice centerpiece for a table in the house.

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Have you ever thought that you can have a mirror framed with reclaimed wood? If not this is a prove that you can have one and what is more important your can do it yourself.

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Make a beautiful vertical garden for indoors using green decorative plants and parts driftwood.

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Create beautiful frame for the photos of your loved ones. You can make use of these memorable pictures to create stunning and very interesting picture frame that is special and eye-catching.

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This is another beautiful decoration for indoors that looks like a small boat. However it is very colorful and unique.

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You can even use driftwood for your table as well. The glass top is a perfect addition and makes a simple but very beautiful and unique design table.

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You can use a driftwood to make also a creative shell windchime.

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You can use driftwood to make a special succulent hanging planter for your garden.

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Or, paint driftwood pieces white and make a nice hanging decoration for your hallway.

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Use a small glass and surround it with driftwood to make a decorative vase for home.

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You can also make a stunning water feature for your garden.

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Or an elegant and rustic jewelry holder.

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