15 Simple How To Repurpose Vintage Ladder Ways That Are A Worth Choice

Love decorating your home without spending excessive amounts of money doing so? Maybe you can still do so without spending a lot of money using something that is already stored in your garage, or look for old stuff at a local flea market? Some old and used stuff will add character to your house. Use ladders as creative repurposed items because they certainly have multiple uses. They can become a bookshelf, a place to hold pots and pans, or you can use them to make a unique storage unit. Painting the wood of the ladder in some bright color can be also a great idea, and it can offer an updated look of your home! They are simple, they are unique, they are an excellent choice for your home! Just take a look at these 15 simple how to repurpose vintage ladder ways if you don’t have an idea how all this will look like and chose some of the ideas below for your home. Enjoy!

1. Candle Lanterns Holder

  • This ladder suspended from the ceiling can hold candle lanterns above the dining table, or can be placed in the living room as a inventive and beautiful decoration. The autumn leaves are just an addition in the whole look and they look really good and romantic in this combination.
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2. Hanging Ladder Lighting

  • Use the vintage ladder to make a creative lighting for your home. This hanging ladder lighting can also be used as a Christmas decoration.
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3. Mason Jars With Candles Hanging On A Ladder

  • This DIY project can be a real refreshment for your balcony.
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4. Cool Pot Rack

  • A cool pot rack out of your vintage ladder can be successfully used in the kitchen to hang and display your pots and dishes and other kitchen utensils.
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6. Ladder Shelf

  • This can be another potential use of the ladder in the kitchen. The vintage ladder can perfectly serve as a shelf for the bigger kitchen utensils, or even as a shelf for some decorative items.
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7. Wall Ladder Shelving Unit

This wall ladder shelving unit is perfect for your frames and messages and it will add a character to your home.

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8. Extensive Shelving Unit

Properly used, the old ladders can become very functional element in your home. These extensive shelving units are just one of the many ways ladder can be used. And I must admit they really look amazing. Just add some color and your shelving unit is ready.

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9. DIY Basket Ladder Storage

The ladder is also a great solution for your bathroom. Use one as a basket storage.

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10. Bathroom Towel Rack

Or as a towel rack.

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11. DIY Coat Rack

The vintage ladder can also be used as a coat rack. Decorate your entryway with this clever solution that will give you a stylish coat rack and won’t break the bank.

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12. Ladder Shoe Storage

Is your shoe collection filing up on the floor? Keep them organized using an old ladder.

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13. DIY Ladder Christmas Tree

Inventive and beautiful use of the old ladder especially if you don’t have money for a new Christmas tree.

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14. DIY Hanging Closet

Don’t have enough space in your closet? Hang some of your clothes on a hanging ladder and keep them neat and clean.

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15. Ladder Plant Stand

This is a great way of displaying your favorite plants in your garden or patio.

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