15 Remarkable Decorative Ideas That Include Only Terracotta Pots

Terracotta pots that are most usually used for planting flowers can also have other uses in your home. If you think that the old terracotta pots are useless, try to think creatively and you will see that they shouldn’t lay in some corner in your home. You can create a vertical garden using a vintage ladder where you can put many of your favorite flowers and herbs. If you lack flowers use some of the old terracotta pots and plant some more because they will significantly improve the look of the place where you decide to put them. The idea of re-cycling an old wooden ladder as a pot stand is mostly used as a solution for small spaces. Your tiny balcony, a small back yard, even your own living room, can be totally transformed into a space of greenery and fresh air. Colorful pots planted with some bright flowers, can also be used to create a beautiful vertical garden in your backyard. Arrange the flower pots in a cycle, or use them to create a whole fence for bigger privacy.

There are so many ways to repurpose clay pots. Be sure to thoroughly clean them before sealing and decorating.  Thoroughly remove dirt and salt residue, and if needed scrub the surface with a wire brush.  Once clean, you can use them for storing things, or as candle holders in your home. Or you can simply use them with their primary function and put some flowers right onto your kitchen window. Empty flower pots can be also used to create a small table in the garden or use them to plant your favorite flowers and create a flower tower to beautify your garden. A wall mounted flower tower is a great addition to any garden fence or balcony wall where floor space is at a minimum. I hope you would accept some of our proposals and give your old terracotta flower pots completely new look. Try decorating your home with the new colorful flowers planted in your old terracotta pots, and they can also be a great solution for decorating your porches and gardens. You will be thankful for the ideas below! Add life in your home and give a second chance to the old terracotta pots with these 15 remarkable decorative ideas that include only terracotta pots.

1. Beautify Your Staircase

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2. Flowers By The Kitchen Window

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3. Ladder Plant Stand

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4. Terracotta Flower Tower

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5. Terracotta Pots Garden Table

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6. Cute Storage Container

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7. Terracotta Candle Holders

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8. Mini Vertical Garden

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9. Clay Pot Sphere

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10. Cottage Garden

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11. Vertical Garden For Outdoors

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12. Garden Edging With Terracotta Pots

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13. Screen Of Potted Plants As A Fence

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14. Amazing Balcony Garden

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15. Round Wall Clock Decorative Flowers

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