15 Possible Uses Of Mason Jars In Your Home

Whether you are decorating your home, organizing some stuff or just searching for another DIY project there are a bunch of adorable ways to use leftover jars. They can have not one, but many other functions and uses, if you give them a second chance and make a nice decoration, storage container, lighting etc., using old mason jars. If you want to see some ideas check out the following 15 possible uses of mason jars in your home and give them a try. Enjoy and make a new DIY project in no time using leftover jars.

  • Mason jars can be creatively used as your lighting solution. They are big enough so that you can put a light bulb in them and make inventive chandelier for the patio or for the living room.
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  • Use jars to make cute candle chandeliers that can be used in the yard or indoors.
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  • Fill with fabric the inside of the jar and make adorable standing candle holders.
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  • Paint the mason jars, and even draw a unique characters on them. Colorful and cute use them as storage option for your office.
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  • This is very clever idea. Jars can be just perfect for storing matches. Use sandpaper as a lid so you can light the matches.
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  • You can also use the mason jars as vases for your favorite flowers. Just paint them in your favorite colors or decorate them with glitter and in no time you’ll get fancy and unique flower vases.
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  • Use a serious glue to attach mason jar caps to the underside of your cabinets, and you’ll get a great storage solution for your kitchen.
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  • You can also use the jars for a healthier alternative. Use them to make on the go salads and they will stay fresh even prepared a few days in advance if you keep them in the fridge. They will be an excellent breakfast for work.
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