15 Places in Your Home Where You Could Create Inspiring Vertical Garden

Hello friends. This post is about how to use the empty places in your home, how to beautify the walls in the house and how to stay in a positive mood. Come on, pay attention to 15 places in your home where you could create inspiring vertical garden!

1.DIY vertical garden on the balcony;

Use bottles for planting herbs or flowers and to hang it instead of curtains on the window. Take a look in this image now.

Photo via www.nousdecor.com

2. Balcony vertical garden + media gallery wall for spectacular look;

Use wooden boxes for creating small but nice vertical garden.

Photo via www.littlepieceofme.com

3. Cinder block vertical garden instead of wall in the outdoor place;

This wall gives any place lovley look. Nice flowers in different colors planted in the cinder block.

Photo via www.amazinginteriordesign.com

4. Cinder block vertical garden for inviting front door decor;

Black cinder block with flowers in it. Invite your guests with this lovely vertical garden.

Photo via www.diyprojects.com

5. Use pallets for vertical garden wall;

Nice wall in the outdoor place that could be your motivation for working.

Photo via www.amazonaws.com

6. Create vertical garden in the living room;

You could have a vertical garden in our own living room.

Photo via www.drawhome.com

7. Nice vertical garden in small balcony place;

Use the balcony wall for creating vertical garden.

Photo via www.recycled-things.com

8. Cover the roof with grass and create vertical garden;

Use grass for creating a roof garden.

Photo via www.amazinginteriordesign.com

9. Vertical garden in sleeping room;

Nice vertical garden in the room where you sleep.

Photo via www.livinator.com

10. Vertical garden in the kitchen place;

Vertical garden gives the kitchen fresh look.

Photo via www.decoist.com

11. Vertical garden in patio place;

Pretty decor for patio place. Use vertical garden on the white wall for decor.

Photo via www.designrulz.com

12. Create a vertical garden in the entryway;

Inviting entryway full with green plants on the wall.

Photo via www.homestoreky.com

13. Create vertical garden in backyard;

Backyard is place where we need plants and green vertical garden.

Photo via www.houzz.com

14. Cover the pillars with grass and climbing planters;

Spectacular pillars for outdoor. I hope that you like it this idea.

Photo via www.amazinginteriordesign.com

15. Cinder block vertical garden for amazing window look;

Thanks for following us, my lovely readers. Have a nice rest of the day.

Photo via www.diyprojects.ideas2live4.com