15 One Of A Kind Ideas For Making DIY Long Planters

Plants and greenery can be a real refreshment for any home. Use or recycle some old things you have at home to make a spacious, long and a bit different and creative planter for the flowers and plants you want to plant, and transform your patio, interior design and garden into a fresh and good looking place for real enjoyment. Take a look at some of the pictures below and get inspired. These 15 one of a kind ideas for making DIY long planters will be very useful if you decide to make one for your home decoration. Enjoy!

Build some concrete planters for outdoors and beautify the garden and the patio. Fill the atmosphere with greenery and color, and enjoy in the scent and the pleasant view they provide.

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You can make a whole fence in front of the house or in the patio by planting some green plants in concrete planters. The same is also possible with wooden planters. Place them behind the sofa and enjoy the natural feel always you stay outdoors.

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Use flat stone slabs to also build a planter for outdoors. Create a fascinating atmosphere in the garden or patio and fill it with joy and happiness.

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In the patio where the wood dominates as a material it would also be very cool to add some hanging wooden planters and bring some color in the atmosphere.

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Reuse the old trough, clean it, or even you can paint it in some color and plant some plants and flowers inside to make one perfect floral decoration for outdoors. If you have a spot where your planters will get morning sun and afternoon shade, your options are practically endless.

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Using corrugated metal sheets and wood you can build some very unique and absolutely cool planters where you can plant every kind of plants flowers or herbs you want.

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Recycle the old tool tote to plant some plants and flowers inside it. It will fit perfectly in the rustic and traditional decorative style in the patio.

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The vintage mop buckets can also be great recycled material for DIY planter project.

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Get some metal planters that can also be mounted on the walls in your home if you prefer making a small gardening place indoors. Place two or three planters one above the other depending on how much space you have on the wall. It is on you to decide, but they will certainly bring life in your home.

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Galvanized planter boxes filled with green plants will be cool decorative detail on the windows.

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They will serve well as well as a table centerpiece filled with succulents.

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Install a long planter box below the window and decorate the front of the house with some colorful flowers.

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Wooden privacy fences are functional, but boring. So, give them bigger aesthetic value by adding some rain gutters filled with flowers and plants.

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Plant some succulents in the vintage metal chicken feeder and put it as a centerpiece at the table in the patio. You can go a step further and make some holes for the succulents and this way it will look more interesting and appealing.

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Create a vertical gardening planting tower using old PVC pipes you have at home. Make some holes for the flowers and you will get impeccable planting tower you will fall in love with.

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