15 Of The Most Awesome DIY Benches for Outdoors

Benches are an important piece of furniture for your garden, balcony or patio, because you need a place where to sit, relax and enjoy the nature. That is why you need a bench  outdoors and if you don’t want to buy one, DIY benches are the ones that will be your own masterpiece work. Bellow you can find a bunch of super easy and creative bench ideas you can do on your own or with a little help of your friends or family. They will take you just a little of your time and in return will provide you with super cool bench. Check out some of the creative and interesting bench ideas below and pick which one is your favorite because here we have a collection of 15 of the most awesome DIY benches for outdoors. Let’s begin!

1. Comfortable DIY Bench For Your Balcony

  • This projects is super easy and will surely help you to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your balcony. The comfort is due to the large cushion that can be in different colors and designs. You can even leave a space on the side that can be used as a small coffee table.
Photo via www.handimania.com


2. Concrete Block Bench

  • All you need for this DIY bench are some concrete blocks, four pieces of lumber and some cushions and decorative pillows.
Photo via www.decoist.com


3. Pallet Wood Bench

  • A very simple project with wooden pallet, that can be very functional element in your outdoor space. Put some large cushion at the seating area of the bench to be more comfortable and combine with pillows in different colors.
Photo via www.alwaysintrend.com


4. Planter Box Bench

  • This project is not only easy, but it is also aesthetically beautiful element for your garden. Bench and planter box at the same time!
Photo via www.cooldiyideas.com


5. Garage Door Bench

  • Reuse and repurpose your old garage door and make a simple and useful bench for your outdoor space.
Photo via www.reposhture.blogspot.mk


6. Elegant Pallet Wood Bench

  • Use pallet wood to make this elegant bench. The elegance lays in the large and soft cushion and soft pillows.
Photo via www.funkyjunkinteriors.net


7. Colorful Bench

  • A very interesting and cute idea for your outdoor bench, that will certainly bring joy and happiness in your garden.
Photo via www.decohubs.com


8. DIY Garden Bench from a Bed

  • Repurpose your old bed and create a super elegant and classy garden bench that will stand out magnificently in your backyard or patio.
Photo via www.indulgy.com


9. Two Chairs Bench

  • Another creative DIY bench project. For this one you will need two old wooden chairs. Face them next to each other and using lumber or wood pallet slats, connect the chairs on both sides along the seat base. Paint, put some pillows and enjoy.
Photo via www.thegardenglove.com


10. Old Car Wheels Used to Decorate a Wooden Bench

  • Use old car wheels to decorate and add uniqueness to your garden. Transform your ordinary bench in an interesting decorative element in your garden.
Photo via www.dominiomundial.com


11. Tree Bench

  • Take advantage of the tree you have in your garden and make a small tree bench and enjoy the natural tree shade in summer.
Photo via www.homesthetics.net


12. Gabion Bench

  • Transform a whole gabion in a beautiful bench covered with colorful cushions.
Photo via www.blog.construbasico.com


13. Picket Fence Bench

  • What an awesome idea and good use of old wooden fence. Paint the wood in bright colors to add life and joy to your garden.
Photo via www.magazinuldecase.ro


14. Bench of Crates

  • Use some plastic crates placed next to each other and cover them with one large cushion to get the most comfortable DIY bench for your patio.
Photo via www.designanddiymagazine.com


15. Branch Bench

  • This branch bench blends naturally into your garden and gives it a nice homey feel.
Photo via www.decorismo.com