15 Modern Living Rooms Decorated With Plants

Plants and flowers can be a really good decorative option for your living room, especially if you have excessive space in the living room and still don’t want it to look empty. Choosing the right plant is very important, but the choice of the planter is also very important. Some beautiful flowers or plants combined with a nice and modern planter can be the right combination for your living room. There are many different planter designs, but if you want to see some ideas about the choice of a planter and plants that can take place in the living room decoration take a look at the following 15 modern living rooms decorated with plants. Enjoy!

This living room might have one planter and only one plant in it, but with its size it sure seems just enough.

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Or place more than one planter but make sure to make a good choice about the planters as well as about the plants.

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Choose some elegant metal planters for a modern and simple living room design.

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Those two nice black planters with white flowers on both sides of the fireplace complement the whole white black decorative idea in this living room. They are modern and all together the whole living room is elegant and beautifully decorated.

Photo via www.lamaisonvintage.es


More than one planter placed one next to another behind the sofa can look pretty amazing and can refresh and liven up the living room.

Photo via www.homeepiphany.com


One big green plant is sometimes enough to decorate the living room. Choose a beautiful white or black planter and together with the plant it will fit perfectly in every modern room design.

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Plant some larger plants in and fill the room with greenery. Some palm trees or another type of big green plants fill the living room with an exotic and very enjoyable atmosphere.

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Place some smaller planters on a shelf right above the fireplace. Must admit they look adorable.

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This is maybe the cutest square planter on top this also cool coffee table that seems like is made of marble. Anyways a very pretty idea.

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This is a very cool white planter with interesting texture and white finish. It will be a remarkable detail for the living room.

Photo via www.exotichomeexpo.com