15 Modern Ideas How To Turn Small Balconies Into Beautiful Outdoor Retreats

Small balcony designs should not be considered as useless. Actually, they can be transformed into cute and decent outdoor spaces and although not spacious, they can connect home interiors with the nature and the outside world. Small balcony designs are great extensions of your living rooms and bedrooms, offering creative ideas to enhance your home interior and a space where to drink your morning coffee or tea, where you can have a romantic dinner with your partner, or where you can make your own small balcony paradise planting a lot of flowers and plants that will additionally enhance the look of your balcony from the inside and will attract the attention of the passers-by. If you need an inspiration, here you have a collection of 15 modern ideas how to turn small balconies into beautiful outdoor retreats. Enjoy!


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  • The dimension is not an obstacle because even tiny areas can be transformed into attractive, relaxing and entertainment outdoor seating areas and areas filled with greenery and flowers that will fill the space with a pleasant scent
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  • Small balcony can give your home additional value and it can be transformed in a very attractive and stylish space decorated with taste and care. The most important thing for small balcony designs is to keep them as simple as possible when it comes to their design and decoration. The functional decor is preferable to create peaceful outdoor rooms where you can enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine.
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  • Invest into comfortable and space saving seating area, or if you don’t even have space for a seating area opt for chairs or simple add some comfortable and soft cushions on the ground. Wooden floor always looks good on balconies as it fits in the whole outside atmosphere. Attractive outdoor furniture, decorative accessories, like plants and flowers in planters, curtains, cushions and pillows can turn the complete feel of the small spaces into romantic and enjoyable outdoor seating areas where you can relax alone or in company.
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