15 Interesting Garden Planters to Inspire You

Hi friends. This article is very inspiring and it contains a lot of do it yourself ideas. It’s named fifteen interesting garden planters to inspire you. If you are looking for something interesting to do in your garden, read this article. Not just to read this article but also to see the following images that are handmade and very interesting. Recycling and reusing are green ways to help the planet. This article is dedicated to whimsical recycled plant containers that made from many useless household objects. As long as those old things can support soil and allow for drainage, you can reuse almost anything for planters, from plastic bottles, old umbrella, old floppy dicks, old books, old wine barrels, old boots, wooden logs. We are going to show you how to make wooden train for your outdoor place.

Take a look in the following 15 interesting garden planters to inspire you, for sure!!!

First idea for this article is about wrought iron bicycle planter idea.

Photo via www.blog.gardenloversclub.com

This is an incredible piano planter.

Photo via www.pianoyoyo.com

Use the old book for planting succulent plant.

Photo via www.amandalonergan.wordpress.com

Reuse the old wine barrel for creating lovely garden planter right there in your outdoor place;

Photo via www.indiamart.com

Interesting garden planters by reused kitchen stuff objects; 

Photo via www.1decor.org

Wooden box full with hope, nature. box full with flowers and real treasure!

Photo via www.123ru.net

Reuse the old and unused umbrella for plating flowers; 

Photo via www.goodshomedesign.com

White train used for decoration for your front yard. 

Photo via www.masmitja.net

Train planter made of wooden logs. Do it yourself this lovely craft for your outdoor place. 

Photo via www.wowpopup.ru

Reuse the old plastic bottles.

Photo via www.greenvirals.comme

Make an animal figure made of flower pots;

Photo via www.kitchenfunwithmy3sons.com

This wheel planter could be good looking in your outdoor place. 

Photo via www.kitchenfunwithmy3sons.com

Around the three planter, do it yourself.

Photo via www.allsortsshop.co.uk

Make the old wooden chairs awesome planters for your garden.

Photo via www.diynetwork.com

Bicycle planter idea.

Photo via www.blog.gardenloversclub.com