15 Imposing DIY Garden Decorations For Creating Original Garden Space

Gardens are the most rejuvenating and relaxing space in our homes. That is why you should put in extra efforts in decorating this relaxing outdoor space with every beautiful piece of decorative material available. To have a garden is a blessing because you always have a place at home where to stay and relax and be in touch with mother nature.

The nature lovers find their gardens a solace and themselves coming close to nature. For all nature lovers, here you have 15 imposing DIY garden decorations for creating original garden space. Enjoy!


  • Create a small fountain for your garden using stones and lighting features to add a little more uniqueness.
Photo via www.bhelas.co.uk


  • Plant some succulents, but plant them creatively. This DIY project is a great example how to do that.
Photo via www.espacebuzz.com


  • Recycle the old wood barrel as planter to plant some colorful flowers and hang it on a tree in your garden as a beautiful decoration.
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  • The old wooden crates can also be used as flower pots. Or just paint them and put some smaller flower pots in them. Put them on a bench to create a whole themed decoration, or place them at many places in the garden that will also be a nice decorative detail.
Photo via www.mag.bzcasa.it


  • Another unusual container for beautiful flowers. This bass fiddle planted with impatiens is just lovely.
Photo via www.cavalierierranti.forumfree.it


  • This swan concrete planter is also adorable.
Photo via www.certifyspace.com


  • Using the old umbrella to display the planted colorful flowers is also a creative and resourceful idea.
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  • Make stone planters to add a special touch to your garden.
Photo via www.mastorevo.com.cy


  • And what more would you want for decorating your gardens than rocks and stones. These two work up a perfect combo and are a great decorative material for your garden. Make small footprints for creative and unique garden decoration.
Photo via www.thewhoot.com.au


  • Do not throw the old teapots, but use them as planters, planting some flowers in them to beautify your garden.
Photo via www.wookmark.com


  • The wooden ladder can serve well as stand for the flower pots.
Photo via www.prozeny.blesk.cz


  • You can also decorate your garden by adding some sculptures. The colorful snail sculptures are just an example.
Photo via www.m-in-city.ru


  • DIY a planter form an old bucket. Cover it with stones and create a mosaic planter to accentuate the flowers even more.
Photo via www.trabalhomanual.com.br


  • Use a wagon wheel to display your colorful petunias in unique and amazingly creative way.
Photo via www.fineartamerica.com


  • You can create a whole landscaping project with small rocks. Plant some flowers or plants, or even a small palm tree as centerpiece in the whole decoration idea and get a final result that is marvelous.
Photo via www.ultimatehomeideas.com